Claps, Clicks & Whistles #12

Following on from my post on Saturday morning, here’s another jazz number which also just happens to feature in the movie “Baby Driver” that I was banging on about last week, and which is finger-clickingly cool:


The Dave Brubeck Quartet – Unsquare Dance

I post this merely to point out the film’s soundtrack is diverse, if nothing else.

More soon.

NB – I seem to be having issues connecting to my usual file sharing service, so I’ve resorted back to Zippyshare, so my apologies for any pop-ups which may appear if you try to listen to that.


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15 thoughts on “Claps, Clicks & Whistles #12”

  1. I didn’t realise there were problems with Pixeldrain. Not sure if it’s because it’s only happened in the last day or two, or whether no bugger bothers downloading the tracks on my site. Probably the latter…

    1. Think it happens every now and then, usually rights itself after a while (i.e. that time I emailed you to see if you were having issues with it too). I didn’t have time to wait and see if it sorted itself tonight though. Oh and I’ve never had an issue downloading from your place (for evaluation purposes only, of course!)

  2. Trusting your recommendation I’ve just spent 5 1/2 quid on a return on the bus, £3.90 on a pint and in a bit, god knows what at the Rialto Picture Palace.
    Probably skip the Kiora and wine gums though.

      1. No refund needed
        As a nerd with 5 iPods (I know) but no driving licence what’s not to like? A cameo by Walter Hill who co-wrote the screenplay to The Getaway (remake) and a protagonist called Doc was a nice nod to the original .
        Paul Williams Phantom of the Paradise cameo was funny ( didn’t know he was still alive)
        As for Hocus Pocus I need that clip

        Thanks Jez


      2. Scorsese often nailed the classic pop/genre scenes (e.g. The Colour of Money Werewolves of London) but this is tip fucking top.

  3. Just back from our local cinema – Loved it! What not to love about a chase scene played out the sound of Focus with Hocus Pocus. Problem is my daughter now wants to head off on Route 66 with just a car and some music. That Dave Brubeck clip is so similar to Sinnerman by Nina Simone – another one for CC&W if you’ve not already included it.

    Thanks for the recommendation – If I’ve not already mentioned it check out the Irish film Young Offenders on Netflix – excellent.

    1. Gosh, two of you who enjoyed it, I’m dead dead pleased!

      I def have something by Miss Simone lined up to appear on “Claps…” sometime, can’t remember if it’s Sinnerman or not though.

      And as for Young Offenders, thanks for the heads-up; it’s on My List on Netflix, just one of oh-so many I’ve not got around to watching yet.

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