Acoustic Afternoons

And now to a band who I never think get enough credit. I’ve seen them compared to R.E.M. before, which I don’t think is either fair or accurate. Any band is going to wilt in comparison to the boys from Athens, Georgia (up to a point, obviously).

Anyway, here’s Idlewild, and something which I think has never seen a commercial release.

I was lucky enough to see them play an acoustic set at Bristol’s Colston Hall ten years or so ago, a wonderful venue which is just perfect for an acoustic set such as they did that night, and I’m surprised that, having done a tour playing acoustic versions of their own songs, nothing became of it: no live album followed in the tour’s wake, as far as I know. I’d be delighted if someone told me I was wrong about that.


Idlewild – When I Argue, I See Shapes

What’s especially wonderful about that is, if you know the original, you could not possibly conceive that it might work as an acoustic track.

Does, though, doesn’t it?

More soon.

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5 thoughts on “Acoustic Afternoons”

  1. Roddy Woomble’s solo stuff is worth checking out as is Before the Ruin by Drever, McCusker & Woomble

    1. I genuinely don’t know. It’s never been released officially; in the back of my head there’s a nagging thought that it may be from Kerrang! magazine, but that just seems ludicrous

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