Sunday Morning Coming Down

More from that “Rich Hall’s Countrier Than You” documentary that I mentioned last week now, and an artist who features there, performing and being interviewed, and who has featured here before:


Robbie Fulks – Every Kind of Music But Country

She’s not right for you, Robbie.

With thanks to the regular reader who kindly sent me a copy of that entire album recently. I’ll name no names but you know who you are. Cheers!

More soon.

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10 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coming Down”

  1. Ha ha – No she’s not right for him at all. Then again if she didn’t like country she probably wouldn’t have liked how he dressed and lots of other things about him I couldn’t possibly list here.

    Rather than dating websites etc there should be an app comparing peoples’ music databases – Anything less than a 80% match would really weed out the wrong ‘uns. Then again I cannot even contemplate how many tracks you guys must have in your hard drives (that suddenly sounded very wrong but I think you know what I mean!).

      1. As it turns out I have a contact on Dragon’s Den from the time I pitched my “Wardrobe Planning System” – Didn’t ever make it onto the show as my idea wasn’t really developed enough but the researcher definitely said she would use it.

        I have spent a phenomenal amount of time coming up with such money-making schemes over the last 30 years, to no avail – Had I put as much effort into the day job/hubby’s business as I have to them (and my blog) I would be a rich woman – Think a lot of bloggers are the same though. There are jobs that pay the bills and “jobs” we do just for fun – Pity they so rarely overlap.

    1. Check out Zoe Muth & the Lost High Rollers with “If I Can’t Trust You With a Quarter (How Can I Trust You With My Heart?)

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