The Sample Life (Revisited)

To round off the weekend, there was an interesting, if disappointingly brief, article in The Grauniad the other day, featuring interviews with Mark Moore and Pascal Gabriel entitled “How we made Theme from S-Express” which reminded me quite a lot of a post I wrote over a year ago, featuring all of the songs which were sampled on that song.

And since I’m a firm believer in recycling, as obviously were Moore and Gabriel, I figured I may as well revive it.

So here you go, slightly edited and with all links updated.

“The other day my iPod decided to play me a tune that’s the main sample on a record that I love, and which always gets these old bones moving. Hearing it made me seek out the rest of the oh-so-many samples on said record.

There’s quite a few:


Alfredo De La Fe – Hot to Trot



Crystal Grass – Crystal World



Debbie Harry – Feel the Spin



Gene Roddenberry – The Star Trek Dream



Gil Scott Heron & Brian Jackson – The Bottle


(Warning: Do not listen to this next one unless you really like a lot of effing and jeffing)


Karen Finley – Tales Of Taboo



Laura Olsher – The Martian Monsters



Peech Boys – Don’t Make Me Wait



Rose Royce – Is It Love You’re After



Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs – Oh That’s Good, No That’s Bad



Stacey Q – Two Of Hearts



TZ – I Got The Hots For You (Vocal Version)



Yazoo – Situation

Put ’em altogether, and what have you got?



S’Express – Overture – Theme From S’Express

You’re welcome. Still sounds as great today as it did back in the day, in my book.

(Disclaimer: blame Wikipedia if any of those are wrong)

More soon.

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7 thoughts on “The Sample Life (Revisited)”

  1. I had no idea this was made up of so many samples – Yet, S-Express was my album of choice back then when it was “all back to mine” after the pubs closed (very early up here). Thanks for the education – Had never thought to look it up in the digital age.

  2. Crystal Grass – featuring Steve Leach in the days before he discovered the blues and an aversion to travelling on water.

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