Late Night Stargazing

As I was saying, I’m a firm believer in making the workplace as tolerable place as possible, and this is often achieved simply by being pleasant and/or funny.

I am aware, of course, that it’s a fine line between being amusing and being the tedious, office joker, who thinks he’s hilarious but who everyone else finds an irritant. Like this chap:

Or worse still, Colin Hunt:

The thing about both of those characters is that they have no filter, they’re unable to stop themselves making jokes no matter how unfunny or inappropriate they may be.

I would hope I have a little more finesse than that.

An example, which leads me on to tonight’s song: this week I went to a sales pitch for a new software program we’re considering purchasing at work. The presentation involved screen shots and demonstrations of the program, and of course some had been filled in with names of fictional insurance claimants, one of which was a Mr James Taylor.

I managed to stop myself from piping up that he couldn’t claim as he only had Third Party, Fire & Rain cover when I assessed that a) this wasn’t really the time or place; b) that nobody else in the room was likely to get it anyway, and c) it really wasn’t that funny in the first place.

Which doesn’t seem to have prevented me from telling it here. Hmmmph.


James Taylor – Fire and Rain

More soon.


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9 thoughts on “Late Night Stargazing”

  1. It was funny, but as you say, perhaps not the time or place. Good song though.

    My new paperless hot-desking environment makes me feel real nostalgia for the Colin Hunt style office – NOT! Am realising that this ability to set up shop far from the office jerk is really quite a good thing. Also, the fact that I have been slotted into a post after our restructure, when around the country many have not, makes me realise I am one of the lucky ones. Will shut up about it all now and embrace it – The blogging is a fun distraction/hobby (as long as it doesn’t become a chore) but it sadly doesn’t pay the bills!

      1. I was a bit arsey about it as at first I hated the whole paperless/hotdesking thing and made them wait until I “thought about it” – common sense prevailed though as not easy (at my age) to get something new and realise I am luckier than some. Glad you are ok too but in our office the median age is around 50 so there is a bit of a ticking time bomb where half the workforce will retire in the next 10 years. Then again I think life is going to be very different by then so who knows how things will pan out.

        Have a good Sunday and thanks for posting this song – nice one.

  2. David Brent and Colin Hunt, aargh, yes we’ve all known someone like that – my other half works for a combination of the two – honestly he’s awful, a complete embarrassment, far too close for comfort.
    (I’d have smiled at your James Taylor joke, though!)

  3. A couple of people I’ve worked with probably would have made that James Taylor joke, safe in the knowledge that at least 3 of us in the meeting would get it and thus claim some sort of “victory” over everyone else.
    These days I’m rarely in the office other than for meetings – working from home most of the time (which actually is massively beneficial in dealing with the increased workload following some redundancies a few years back). I really don’t miss the distractions of being in the office full-time. I just have to remember not to contact another home-based colleague when PopMaster is as she’ll turn up her radio and get me to join in!

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