Acoustic Afternoons

One of the other reasons there were even less posts than usual from me last week, was that I decided I wanted to rejig which day each series appeared on, and this one seemed to be more of a Sunday afternoon kind of post than a Wednesday afternoon one.

So here we are, and to move things forward a track by The Wonder Stuff, a band whose early stuff I love, but who I have kinda lost touch with since they reformed.

But in their heyday, they produced four albums, three of which I love, although the one I’m not fond of, “Never Loved Elvis” is the one that gave them the most commercial success, containing as it did chart smasheroos “The Size of a Cow” and “Welcome to the Cheap Seats”, the latter of which’s one redeeming feature is that it features the lovely and much missed Kirsty MacColl.

But it’s to second album “Hup!” that I want to lead you today, and specifically to an album track called “Can’t Shape Up”, an acoustic version of which resurfaced as a bonus track on the CD2 release of the aforementioned “Welcome to…” and which is, simply, quite beautiful.

Welcome To The Cheap Seats Reel 2 Front

The Wonder Stuff – Can’t Shape Up Again

See? Just lovely.

I’ll leave you all to go and source/listen to the original version so you can see how superior this one is.

More soon.

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4 thoughts on “Acoustic Afternoons”

  1. The Wonder Stuff were a bloody good band in their day. I was lucky enough to see them several times, the first couple of which were while The Bass Thing was still in the line-up. Many years later I was dragged along, somewhat reluctantly, to one of their reformation shows at The Forum in 2000 and was absolutely blown away by them all over again. I haven’t kept up with their new recordings in subsequent years, but still dig those old albums out every now and then. Surely a band due for an ICA?

  2. I loved the first two Stuffies albums, but could never find the same enthusiasm for their others. Miles Hunt was a prize tosser, but they were on form the only time I saw them live at the 1992 Reading Festival.

    The Anniversary Editions of their first two albums are to be avoided at all costs. Rather than reissuing the originals and offering up lots of extras, Hunt decided to re-record the albums and put that out instead. To say they don’t match the originals in terms of quality is a massive understatement.

    1. I have a lot of time for “Construction for the Modern Idiot”, but after that it’s a no from me. Though did see them at the Bristol O2 about 15 years ago (anniversary of the 8 Legged Groove Machine, maybe) and they were ace

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