Replenishing the Vinyl

I tried to stop myself, to wean myself away from scouring through pages upon pages of vinyl on ebay, but a couple of weeks ago, I had a moment of weakness. And I’m quite glad I did too, for I managed to pick up a signed copy of The Bluebells album “Sisters” for a few quid.

Best known for “Young at Heart” which hit No 1 in the UK when it was re-released in 1993 on the back of being used in a car advert, it’s a lovely little album that I think I only ever had a copy of on tape when I was a kid.

Here’s a couple of other singles from it, to get your Saturday off to a splendid start:


The Bluebells – I’m Falling

The Bluebells – Cath

More soon.


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10 thoughts on “Replenishing the Vinyl”

      1. Well mine came from a long-since-departed shop in the Stockport suburb of Hazel Grove, so I’m guessing two thousand may be more accurate.

  1. JC could probably get the album signed if others want to send their copies to him.

    It is a very good album I love I’m Falling and I once get into trouble for playing the Patriot Game, in the west of Scotland it doesn’t go down to well with once side of the Sectarian divide and I suspect it’s not high on the DUP playlist nor does Van Morrison’s version of I’ll Tell Me Ma with the other as I also found out too.

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