One of the support acts for The Wedding Present last night was Brix & The Extricated. That’s Brix of Brix E. Smith fame, one of the few former members of The Fall to actually marry Mark E. Smith, not that that was enough to save her from the inevitable chop from the band (the divorce probably didn’t help extend her stay in the band, to be fair).

Anyway, Brix & The Extricated were pretty good, if a little sixth-form band in places. Brix looked great, an indie Debbie Harry if you will.

They did, however, sneak a couple (we counted three, I think) Fall covers in, best of the lot was their version of this, possibly my favourite Fall record anyway, the first of many pint-spilling moments of the night:

Cab It Up Front

The Fall – Dead Beat Descendant

More soon.

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