The Election Section V2.12

Regular readers of the old tosh I spout here may recall that I spent much of the day after the 2015 General Election, and the EU Referendum, and the USA Election posting songs I considered to be of relevance, by title if not for actual lyrical content.

But this year, bar a bloody Andrew Lloyd Webber composition, nothing.

“Why’s that?”, you may be asking. Or you may not. Whatever. I’m going to tell you anyway.

Well, on each of those occasions I had booked the day off work, had sat up watching the results come in, and, to be frank, got absolutely rat-arsed.

But this year, although I had booked the day off, I was unable to drink, although at several points throughout the night I was sorely tempted to pop to the off licence and grab myself a cheeky bottle of red or two.

Reason being, the property management company through whom I rent my flat had decided to do their six-monthly inspection today. You know, to make sure I’m not smearing stuff all over the walls in some sort of dirty protest. I realised that having them arrive whilst I was having a pissed snooze on the sofa was not a good idea so I had elected to stay sober and clean the flat through the night, listening to the results as they came in. It’ll be hours before it gets interesting, I thought. Plenty of time.

But as soon as the Exit Poll dropped at 22:00 hours, it became a real issue dragging myself away from the TV to clean the oven (which finally got done at about 3am).

I had banked on the inspection being brief since I was actually here, which it wasn’t, and of course as I sat trying to seem indifferent to their presence I spotted the odd cobweb that I’d missed (not in the oven).

Anyway, they’ve been now, so I can start posting and drinking.

As alluded to in my earlier post, the outcome was not what I expected, so the couple of miserable, defeatist tunes I had decided to play will now not appear.

Instead, some songs where the title, at least, reflect what happened overnight.

Starting with this:


Green Day – Minority

Apologies to any of my fellow bloggers (and to Rol of My Top Ten in particular) who may be posting the same tunes as I’ve chosen; I’m relying on them being too hungover to have got round to posting anything yet so that I get in first. Them’s the breaks.

More soon.

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