The Election Section V2.11

Suffice it to say, there are two things that I did not think would happen today.

Firstly, I did not expect the UK’s General Election to end in a hung parliament. I was mildly hopeful that maybe Labour wouldn’t perform as badly as had been predicted, but that’s about as far as my optimism stretched.

Secondly, I did not expect that I would decide to mark the occasion by playing a song written by Andrew Lloyd Webber. But that’s exactly what is about to happen. Deal with it.


Marti Webb – Take That Look Off Your Face

More soon. Oh yes.

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3 thoughts on “The Election Section V2.11”

  1. I left a comment here a few weeks ago that I thought this election would not go the way those who had called it planned – I did have a wobble along the way but here we are! Perfect song for today and a weekend of machinations no doubt. As for me I’m off to work on 3 hours sleep. It must have been all your great posts that swung it!

  2. the sour look on various tory faces this morning is worth the hangover I am going to have in 3 hours time.

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