The Election Section V2.15

One of the characteristics of a truly great album is when you can listen to it, almost 25 years after it was released, and still marvel at how fresh and different it sounds.

It helps if you can borrow at least one of the songs for your own political narrative, too.


Bjork – One Day

More soon.

The Election Section V2.13

One of the highlights of the night was, of course, the almost total wipe-out of UKIP as a political presence.

They claim to be a party of traditionalists, so it was nice to see they stuck with their traditions of a) winning absolutely no seats whatsoever, and b) having their leader step down before the final result was in.

Rumour has it that after his press conference announcing his resignation, Nuttall tried to leave incognito via the back door with a blanket over his head, but then realised he might suffer from a vitamin D deficiency as a result.

So farewell to Paul Natalie Nuttall, who will doubtless return to his normal occupation of Poet Laureate, the Premiership’s leading goal-scorer ever, or whatever other bollocks he’s claiming on his CV these days.

Lovely Front

The Primitives – Nothing Left

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The Election Section V2.14

In case any of you are wondering quite why I’m so happy about the election result when Labour didn’t win, it’s because I never expected them to, and they performed much better than anyone could have hoped or dreamed.

At the start of the campaign, Labour were miles behind in the polls, and total annihilation was predicted. In the end, it was close; not very close, but close enough to knock Theresa May off her stride, if not her perch. Just yet.

I’ve had this in my brain all day, so you may as well have it too:


Rosie Gaines – Closer Than Close

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The Election Section V2.12

Regular readers of the old tosh I spout here may recall that I spent much of the day after the 2015 General Election, and the EU Referendum, and the USA Election posting songs I considered to be of relevance, by title if not for actual lyrical content.

But this year, bar a bloody Andrew Lloyd Webber composition, nothing.

“Why’s that?”, you may be asking. Or you may not. Whatever. I’m going to tell you anyway.

Well, on each of those occasions I had booked the day off work, had sat up watching the results come in, and, to be frank, got absolutely rat-arsed.

But this year, although I had booked the day off, I was unable to drink, although at several points throughout the night I was sorely tempted to pop to the off licence and grab myself a cheeky bottle of red or two.

Reason being, the property management company through whom I rent my flat had decided to do their six-monthly inspection today. You know, to make sure I’m not smearing stuff all over the walls in some sort of dirty protest. I realised that having them arrive whilst I was having a pissed snooze on the sofa was not a good idea so I had elected to stay sober and clean the flat through the night, listening to the results as they came in. It’ll be hours before it gets interesting, I thought. Plenty of time.

But as soon as the Exit Poll dropped at 22:00 hours, it became a real issue dragging myself away from the TV to clean the oven (which finally got done at about 3am).

I had banked on the inspection being brief since I was actually here, which it wasn’t, and of course as I sat trying to seem indifferent to their presence I spotted the odd cobweb that I’d missed (not in the oven).

Anyway, they’ve been now, so I can start posting and drinking.

As alluded to in my earlier post, the outcome was not what I expected, so the couple of miserable, defeatist tunes I had decided to play will now not appear.

Instead, some songs where the title, at least, reflect what happened overnight.

Starting with this:


Green Day – Minority

Apologies to any of my fellow bloggers (and to Rol of My Top Ten in particular) who may be posting the same tunes as I’ve chosen; I’m relying on them being too hungover to have got round to posting anything yet so that I get in first. Them’s the breaks.

More soon.

The Election Section V2.11

Suffice it to say, there are two things that I did not think would happen today.

Firstly, I did not expect the UK’s General Election to end in a hung parliament. I was mildly hopeful that maybe Labour wouldn’t perform as badly as had been predicted, but that’s about as far as my optimism stretched.

Secondly, I did not expect that I would decide to mark the occasion by playing a song written by Andrew Lloyd Webber. But that’s exactly what is about to happen. Deal with it.


Marti Webb – Take That Look Off Your Face

More soon. Oh yes.