Wind Yer Neck In, Wotsit Face

You probably know all of this already, but Sadiq Khan and Donald Trump are not exactly fans of each other’s work.

Shortly after the terrorist attacks in London on Saturday night, Khan, the Mayor of London, issued a statement which, amongst other things, contained the next two sentences, right next to each other, exactly as I have written them here:

“Londoners will see an increased police presence today and over the course of the next few days. There’s no reason to be alarmed.”

But cometh the hour cometh the orange buffoon let loose with a phone and a Twitter account, for soon Trump had tweeted this:

Trump 1

Which isn’t quite what Khan had said, now is it?

Brace yourself, for I’m about to do something which I’ve never done before and am extremely unlikely to do again: I’m going to say something nice about Theresa May.

For earlier today, she said: “I think Sadiq Khan is doing a good job and it’s wrong to say anything else – he’s doing a good job.”

Ok, that’s me being nice about her over. Because she had to be asked several times whether Trump had been right to criticise Khan, but she avoided the question on each occasion, which you have probably noticed she has rather a habit of doing (on the rare event where she allows herself to be placed in a position where people might ask her questions, that is). Only when the question was rephrased to ask whether there was anything which Trump could say which she would be prepared to criticise was her pro-Khan response teased from her.

Khan’s office, on the other hand, were a little more forthright in their response:

“He has more important things to do than respond to Donald Trump’s ill-informed tweet that deliberately takes out of context his remarks urging Londoners not to be alarmed when they saw more police – including armed officers – on the streets.”

And Trump’s next move? This:

Trump 2

In case you’re unclear, “MSM” isn’t Trump’s latest covefefe tiny handed typing error, it’s short-hand for “Mainstream Media”. So, in Trump’s mind, a) he was perfectly justified and correct to misinterpret Khan’s statement for his own nasty ends, b) that Khan had in some way back-tracked or climbed down from his first statement, and c) the mainstream media had somehow colluded with Khan to make it look like Trump had been wrong.

I started following Trump on Twitter a few months ago, because I couldn’t believe that some of the things I had read he had tweeted could possibly be true. Genuinely sorry to report that I’ve yet to read one that wasn’t.

And conversely, he seems to be oblivious to the fact that we can all read what he tweets and draw our own conclusions without the need for media, be it mainstream or otherwise, to spell it out for us. Since he seems to live in a bubble of constant amazement about things which are pretty obvious (“Nobody knew what a tough job being the President is….” – no Donald, we all knew that, it was just you that didn’t) where he has to have the simplest things explained to him by his advisors, it’s hardly surprising that he judges the rest of the world by his own stupid, ignorant standards.


Delta 5 – Mind Your Own Business


David Bowie – Up The Hill Backwards

And you can jog on as well, Hopkins.

More soon.