Sunday Morning Coming Down

Anyone who reads the Comments section of this here blog will have seen this coming, for last week, after a post mentioning the supposed baritone qualities of my own voice, I received a couple of requests by two of my female readers who rather enjoy a chap with a deep voice.

In the world of the blogger, you realise, this is on a par with Tom Jones having underwear thrown at him.

I have quite a lot of stuff by Lee Hazlewood, but I don’t think any of his solo recordings come anywhere close to touching the songs he recorded with Nancy Sinatra.

I’ve previously drawn a comparison (and I’m not the only one to have done so) between Lee and Nancy, and Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan, a comparison given extra credence by the fact that when I once saw them perform at Cardiff’s sadly now defunct venue The Point, they did a cover of this song:


Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood – Summer Wine

More soon.

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12 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coming Down”

  1. Ah – I had hoped it would be a Lee Hazlewood SMCM and you didn’t disappoint. I love Lee but I also love Nancy so to have them together on one song is just perfect – thanks for obliging! Last week I investigated Lana Del Ray’s version, so this week it will have to be the Isobel and Mark one.

    Yes, the life of the blogger can be a lonely one so if you had a bit of a “virtual” Tom Jones moment last weekend, all the better. We can now extend your moniker to: Jez/Patrick/Peter/Kris/Love Seal/Tom!

    1. Oh, I don’t think Isobel & Mark ever released a version, they just performed it live, probably as a nod to Nancy & Lee

  2. The perfect choice, thank you Jez/Patrick/Peter/Kris/Love Seal/Tom! I’m pretty sure I can speak for Alyson too when I say you have made at least two (not-so-old) ladies very happy this morning. I like Lee’s solo work a lot – well, with THAT voice! – but agree that there’s something about the Nancy duets which takes things to another level.

  3. One time when I saw Campbell and Lanegan they covered Sand, I think that it may have been just after Hazelwood’s death. It is probably my favourite Lee & Nancy song but I am also a sucker for Elusive Dreams.
    On the subject of Mark Lenegan his latest album really is a belter.

    1. It was pretty much a toss up between Summer Wine and Sand as to which one I posted, either one is amazing.

      Not heard the new Lanegan album yet, so I’ll definitely check it out now

  4. Agreed – Lee was better with Nancy than without. And billisdead is also correct about Lanegan’s new album. And nice mention of The Point. Saw Imelda May there just before it closed – great little place.

    1. I was back in Cardiff a couple of weeks ago, and was genuinely saddened about the loss of so many great venues, and the cloud that was hanging over Womansby Street. Although, I hear there’s been a victory on that front recently…

      1. Well it’s a victory in that the Welsh Assembly are now adopting the ‘Agent of Change’ clause into their planning policy as in England, but not sure if the planning permission in Womanby Street was granted before this or not. People seem happy though, so I guess all is OK. Losing Clwb Ifor Bach, Fuel and the Moon Club would have been disastrous.

        And why are you coming to Cardiff and not telling me? A beer or two is definitely in order!

      2. Ah Rob, if I’d had chance to arrange a mini-blogger’s summit, I would have, but I was down for one night for my best mate’s 40th, and then the next night for a wedding in Cowbridge. I’ll give you plenty of warning next time!

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