Sunday Morning Coming Down

So, the manifestos are out, and what have we learned?

Labour, who were central left until Corbyn took over, have placed themselves even further to the left. The Conservatives, when they aren’t absorbing every policy UKIP policy – which would put them firmly to the right – have adopted not just the old Labour policy about the energy cap I mentioned last week, but also have attacked pensioners by modifying an old Labour policy (in the 2015 election, Labour said they’d take the winter fuel allowance off the top 5% of pensioners, this time around the Conservatives have just said they’ll take it off all of them), and of course, have just reiterated their pledge to reduce migration (the same thing they’ve made for the past seven years, just with the goal-posts moved a little further away every time).

It’s confusing; the Conservatives seem to be positioning themselves more centre left, but then you read the stuff about fox-hunting, about robbing school children of their free lunches, and of, basically, giving up on the NHS and you wonder where they actually sit on the political spectrum. Wherever it is, I’m sure it’s a strong and stable position.

Johnny has an allegorical explanation:


Johnny Cash – The One on the Right is on the Left

More soon.


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9 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coming Down”

  1. Perfect song for our times and not one I’d heard before. My blogging buddy “C” and I both have a penchant for singers with deep voices and Johnny Cash is one of them (Lee Hazelwood another) – Now that we have this new information that your speaking voice has been likened to Patrick Allen or the guy from the X Factor, does this mean you sing like Johnny?

      1. Oh yes please – Summer Wine was playing on the radio this week on the way home from work which really helped with the de-stress! His duets with Nancy Sinatra were also just perfect though (she is my current girl crush).

      2. Well Lana Del Ray (who I see features over at your place, but I’ve not read it yet) was billed as “a gangster Nancy Sinatra” when she first appeared on the scene, so that makes sense!

      3. Just spotted that myself – popped over to YouTube to see a clip of Summer Wine and of course got the more popular duet with Nancy. Also however noticed that Lana Del Ray version as well which I may have subconsciously picked up on when reading about her this week.

        Right, got to go now as I’m getting the raised eyebrows – My planned 5 minutes on the laptop has turned into 2 hours!

  2. Yes please to Lee too!
    (I thought I better keep quiet about my penchant for deep voices after reading what Babs said…!)

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