No Such Thing as a Guilty Pleasure

The other weekend, I went to a wedding in Wales, and I had a really, really great time, not just because of the wedding, but also because I got to meet up with some old friends that I hadn’t seen since I left Wales, almost ten years ago.

In the evening, there was a disco. I’ll not pass comment on the DJ for two reasons: firstly, the groom has been known to visit these pages, and I wish to appear neither spiteful nor ungrateful, and secondly, the DJ did what any wedding DJ does: he played songs he thought would appeal to all of the generations in the room, and would get them on the dancefloor. Let’s just say that we enjoyed his set in a way which he probably didn’t intend.

One such song was this, which none of us danced to, but we did have a ruddy good sing-a-long to on on our table.


Mental As Anything – Live It Up

Yes, it’s a bit cheesy. But that doesn’t stop it from being a bit great.

More soon.


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7 thoughts on “No Such Thing as a Guilty Pleasure”

      1. You’re definitely on a roll this weekend with excellent song choices aren’t you? No guilty pleasures around these parts for sure, no Siree Bob/Kris/Patrick/Seal!

  1. It’s a very good tune. I’m afraid I can’t say the same for the rest of the songs on their Fun-Da-Mental album from which it was taken. I had to endure that as part of a Playlist panel back in my student radio days.

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