The Election Section V2.4

Just over a week ago Theresa May and her Arthur Askey look-a-like husband Philip subjected themselves to that most gruelling of interview: an appearance of BBC’s flagship magazine programme The One Show.

Yes, I know this was last week, but it turns out a week really is a long time in politics, especially when you’re racking your brains for a song which you can play in conjunction with a passing snide comment.

So, Theresa and Phil rocked up on The One Show couch for an intense grilling from professional Welsh lady Alex Jones and Matt “Me! Matt Baker” Baker.

Former Blue Peter presenter and current Countryfile host Baker had made a bit of a name for himself back in 2011, when in a similarly tough bit of interviewing he, inadvertently I think, asked shiny ham faced David Cameron “How on earth do you sleep at night?”

So, what tough questions did the Mays have to face? Well, predictably, none, obviously. Although you’ll by now be aware of the fuss caused by Mrs May’s assertion that “there are girls jobs and boys jobs”. Because, you know, if, as the Tory-backed press would have us believe, Labour want to take Britain back to the 1970s, then Mrs May wants to up the ante and take us back to the 1950s.

When Alex Jones asked the PM whether or not it was true that she had wanted to Prime Minister since a very young age. “I don’t recognise that”, was her response, presumably because it was a question which hadn’t been vetted in advance by one of her press gang.

Mr May’s answer was a little different: “I only heard her saying she wanted to be prime minister when she joined the shadow cabinet”, which seemed a personally reasonable, ‘neither for a long time nor particularly recently’ middle of the ground, answer to give.

When Cameron resigned and May, having kept her pro-Remain opinions as hidden as she possibly could during the EU Referendum, played her reluctant “Oh, if I must…” nominee role, so this answer, that she had designs on the hot seat since 1999, didn’t really fit her narrative. Hence it invoking the May Death Stare:


I hope Philip was comfortable on The One Show couch, for I rather suspect he’d be sleeping on one when he got home.

So, something appropriate:


Goldie Lookin Chain – Your Missus is a Nutter (album version)

Before I go, a reminder: if you want to have a say in the forthcoming election – and  if you’re a UK citizen old enough to vote I can’t for the life of me think why on earth you wouldn’t want to – you need to be registered to vote by May 22nd. Go here to make sure you have a voice on June 8th.

More soon.

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