I Am The Mouth

Having revived two of the regular threads over the weekend, I may as well go for the hat-trick.

I could tell you that I’ve not written one of these for a while because I’ve been considering which artist to focus on next, but I don’t for a second think you’d believe that, knowing how lazy I can be when it comes to writing regular posts.

But there is a grain of truth in my excuse, for when you’re trying to pick a record from the extensive body of work that Primal Scream have in their rear view mirror, it’s not a straight forward task.

And that’s because, seemingly with every album, their “sound” seems to change. I mean, they’ve released albums full of floppy-fringed jingly-jangly indie pop songs (1987’s “Sonic Flower Groove”), an album of ground-breaking indie-dance cross-over music (1991’s “Screamadelica” – and yes, I appreciate that my description of that one really doesn’t do it any justice), “Exile on Main Street” template (1994’s “Give Out But Don’t Give Up”), followed by three albums (1997’s “Vanishing Point”, 2000’s “XTRMNTR” and 2002’s “Evil Heat”) where they most definitely stepped back from the sort of eclectic mix we were used to hearing from them, each more electronic, more experimental than anything that had released before (which hadn’t been worked on by Messrs. Weatherall and Farley, that is).

So, perhaps when choosing something which doesn’t normally get played “out”, we first need to rule out those that do.

So – no “Movin’ On Up”, no “Loaded”, no “Rocks”, no “Country Girl” then; those in my experience are the tunes most played out. And since “Loaded” is a no-no, so too then, awesome track though it is, must be “I’m Losing More Than I’ll Ever Have”, the song from which “Loaded” was born.

Although, back at college, when I DJ’d the fortnightly Indie Night, there were two girls, Sian and Joan, who would always ask me to play that; I, of course, would happily oblige, but always played it early as nobody else would know what it was. They didn’t care, as it meant they had the whole dancefloor to themselves. (NB – standard DJ trick that. Get girls up and dancing and, provided you pick the right record next, others will follow). So, it was a kind of reciprocal, if unspoken, deal. And if I played it right, then maybe, just maybe, one or two of the other five people who used to turn up would join in.

But nowadays? Well, I’d love to plump for “Imperial” from “Sonic Flower Groove”, although you could only really get away with that if you were DJ’ing at a niche C-86-esque indie night.

Or “Ivy Ivy Ivy” from the “Primal Scream” album, a great little rocker that seemingly very few remember.

But instead, I’m going to pick one from those three albums I mentioned earlier. I refer the to as “Primal Sceam: The Kraut-Rock” years, which isn’t really all that accurate, although these ears detect the influence of bands like Can on many of the tunes from this particular purple patch.

There’s one song which I really want to post, but it’s going to make an appearance shortly in my already-tedious political posts (so, no prizes for guessing which song that’s going to be), so instead, the closing track from “XTRMNTR”, which only now, as I’m writing this, do I find out wasn’t a single in the UK:


Primal Scream – Shoot Speed/Kill Light

More soon.