The Chain (Slight Return)

Some of you will recall that until recently, I did a post every Wednesday called “The Chain”, where a song was posted and I would invite readers to suggest songs to link to that record.

At the start of the year, I thought it would be a smart thing to move it to a Sunday. It turns out that really wasn’t a smart move at all, for ever since then the posts have pretty much petered out. It will be returning again shortly (I know, I’ve said that many times before), but, as an explanation/peace offering, here’s one of the reasons why it hasn’t been around much.

One of the rules of The Chain is that we wouldn’t post the same song more than once. Now, I hate having to decline to play a suggestion that someone has taken the time to a) think of, and b) suggest, so I thought before I did the next instalment, I’d compile a list of every song that had been suggested/posted, which you could use as a reference point, and which I’d update every week. You could call it (and I probably will) a Chain Compendium, if you’re a fan of alliteration.

Anyway, since we’d done 39 editions of The Chain, some with 40 or so suggestions (there’s around 850 songs in the playlist I have of all posted songs in that thread) it’s taking me a little longer than I had anticipated.

See, every now and then I would type the name of a song, and think “What the hell is that?”, and of course, I’d have to go and investigate.

Plus, there are songs which, having been reminded of they’re existence, I simply couldn’t avoid listening to again.

There have been many songs that I’ve been introduced to thanks to The Chain, but king amongst those is this, from The Chain #29, a song so beautiful that I have to stop and listen in awe whenever it comes up on my mp3 shuffly device:


Jesse Winchester – Sham-A-Ling-Dong-Ding

That’s not just one of the finest songs ever to feature on The Chain, but one of the finest songs I’ve ever heard. If you missed it, or ignored it, first time around, then I cannot urge you enough to listen to it this time around.

So, thanks, again to fellow Bloggers Summit absentee The Swede of Unthought of though, somehow fame for bringing that into my life. Someday I hope to post something which brings you as much joy (and tears, if I’m honest) as that does.

More soon.


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4 thoughts on “The Chain (Slight Return)”

  1. To the uninitiated observer, that Chain Compendium is going to look like the most eclectic playlist ever compiled.

  2. This song should come with a tear-jerker warning. Sent a tingle up my spine and now my keyboard (at work) is in danger of getting damp. I randomly listened to this live version

    Looking forward to seeing that Chain Compendium and joining in.

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