Replenishing the Vinyl

This morning, a track from an album that I remember my Dad having when I was a kid, an album that I love pretty much every track from, which I bought on vinyl recently, but an album I remember predominantly because my Dad’s copy had split and had a piece of duct tape across the outer circle of the vinyl, holding it together, and thus over the first track on each side.

It’s okay, I’ve explained to him why the idea of putting duct tape on a vinyl album is unwise since then.

That album: Neil Diamond’s “Stones”.

I’d say that if you wanted a starting point with Diamond’s records, this is it. Although it is pretty much exclusively cover versions, you get a feel for his influences and musical style much more than with, say, the more recent Rick Rubin produced stuff.

Anyway, given last night’s football result, which pretty much ends my lots’ already slim chances of overtaking our West London rivals (and I’m really not looking forward to work on Monday, where I sit opposite a Chelsea fan), this, a Joni Mitchell cover, of course, seems a rather begrudgingly appropriate tune:


Neil Diamond – Chelsea Morning

Last year was difficult; we were second through most of the season, and whilst everyone was willing Leicester City on to their deserved historic win, so nobody wanted us to catch them.

This year, I got the feeling things were different. Everyone, except for knuckle-dragging Chelsea fans, once their own teams were out of the running (and Arsenal fans excepted) wanted us to win, and it’s annoying that we’ve fallen short again. I just hope there isn’t the same final game, already on the beach, capitulation that we saw last year against Newcastle, which meant we ended up third rather than second.

More (about dreams being crushed) soon. (I feel an Election related post coming on.)

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