Late Night Stargazing

S’ok, no leftie politico ranting here this time.

A little while ago, I got a bit carried away enthusing about “T2: Trainspotting”.

Somehow, I managed to do that without posting this gorgeous track, which featured heavily in the film and the trailers.

If you’ve never heard it before, leave your preconceptions at the door, disregard their name and¬†give it a listen.


Wolf Alice – Silk

Gorgeous, right?

I don’t think I’ll be giving too much of a spoiler if I point out that the music playing under a soliloquy by Ewen Bremner (aka Spud), officially credited to Underworld, bears an uncanny resemblance to it.

You remember Spud from the first film, right? Hapless, bed-crapping, interview-fluffing, loveable Spud. And because Spud is so haplessly loveable, this tune is all the more heart-breaking:

Hankies at the ready, folks.


Underworld & Ewen Bremner – Eventually But (Spud’s Letter to Gail))

No, no, I’m alright, just got something in my eye, that’s all.

More (and no more cheerful) soon.

The Election Section V2.2

So the plan was this: every week, I’d post a¬†round-up of the events from the week¬† on the campaign trail, coupled with a scathing yet entirely impartial *ahem* review, and an appropriate song or two.

There are two flaws in that plan. Firstly, I was away last weekend, so I now have two weeks to catch up on.

Secondly, Twitter.

I love Twitter, and some of you know and follow me on there, but¬†there is a¬†danger with that social media platform:¬†because of the very nature of the beast, I find I’ve reacted to something or retweeted it there, long before I’ve written anything here.

So when it comes to time to write here, I’m frankly a little worried I may be accidentally using a joke or a point I’ve already read, and probably retweeted,¬†on Twitter.

In other words, forgive me if I accidentally repeat something which I don’t credit to the original source. (In other words, I’m saying that all you are about to read is my take on the General Election, and if it anyway chimes with something on Twitter that I may or may not have read, that’s entirely coincidental.)

Where shall we start? Here: sometime in the last couple of weeks, Theresa May announced she would not take part in televised debates with the leaders of her opponents parties. The BBC and ITV announced that they would “empty chair” her, which means they’d have a chair for her to sit in, and when any question was asked, they would cut to the empty chair and the answer¬†it wasn’t giving.

And they say the BBC is biased….

At this, many of us pricked up our ears, and rubbed our hands together.

Surely this is an open goal for Jeremy Corbyn, one even he can’t mess up? An opportunity to put his views and his vision out to the electorate, pretty much unchallenged.

And then he announced that if Theresa May wasn’t going to participate in the live TV debates, then neither was he.

Nice one, Jeremy. For why would you want to monopolise on such an opportunity? It’s almost like he doesn’t want to win…

Safe to say that, as it stands:


Gil Scott-Heron -The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

And apart from that, nothing has happened in the past couple of weeks.

Ah yes. There was the Diane Abbott incident.

I quite like Diane. Of course, she ticks a lot of PC boxes.

Black? Tick.

Woman? Tick.

Managed to regularly sit on a couch with Michael Portillo without punching him in the balls? Tick.

Absolute Liability with a microphone anywhere near her? Sadly, tick, tick, tick.

I’m not going to post the link here, as I’m sure you’ve already seen/heard it, but she did an utterly excruciating¬†telephone interview with LBC’s Nick Ferrari, where she discussed Labour’s plans to¬†increase funding for¬†the police. It’s fair to say, she¬†made a right hash of the figures: the sound of her frantically flicking through her notes was more evident than any coherent message from Abbott.

Her explanation later was that the interview was her sixth of the day and she was tired.

That’s not really good enough, is it? For a start, if I’d done essentially the same interview, being asked the same questions, five times previously, I’d like to think that a) I’d have learnt the details before the first interview, and b) that having trotted the figures out five times already, they might have sunk in a bit by the time of the sixth interview.

So Diane, this is for you:


Los Campesinos! – Don’t Tell Me to Do the Math(s)

Surprisingly (perhaps) that was the only real fuck-up by Labour this week. Quite a major one, but as far as I’m aware, the only one.

But then there’s Theresa “Strong and Stable” May.

I think 99.9% of the population had already gotten wise to soundbites by the time this happened, and if not, they did very shortly afterwards:

For sure, “Strong and Stable” is the May-mantra, the chant she believes if said enough times will come true.

A bit like Candyman:


Sammy Davis Jr. – The Candy Man

The idea, of course, is to portray a picture of someone who is determined, resolute, and doesn’t waiver or change their mind.

So let’s not forget that this election is happening as a result of May changing her mind, and backtracking on previous pledges:

But then, she has a history of this, doesn’t she?

So, irrespective of whether you voted to remain or leave the EU last year, bear in mind that, if the Tories win the forthcoming election, then the negotiations will be led by someone who doesn’t believe we should be leaving at all.

And just think for a moment¬†who she¬†appointed into her cabinet. Foreign Secretary: Boris Johnson. I don’t have time to list all of¬†the countries that Johnson has managed to offend, before or after the EU vote,¬†but there are lots. And that’s before we even start on the amount of cities in the UK that he’s managed to piss off with his bumbling¬†Eton toff routine.

But it’s okay, for David Davis is the minister charged with negotiating the Brexit deal, and he’s already admitted that there is no plan in place should the UK not get a deal which is favourable to leaving, so¬†we all know how competent he is.

But, what he can do is¬†get¬†t-shirts printed with an exruciatingly bad joke emblazoned on them, and then persuade “curvaceous lovelies” to wear them:


But okay, fine. If you’re happy with Benny Hill negotiating the biggest and most important trade deal in the last 50 fifty years, then fill your boots:


The Coasters – Yakety Yak

Now. You know how we all scoffed at Donald Trump’s baseless, unfounded allegations that his presidential campaign had been wire-tapped by the Obama administration? The rantings of a deranged, parnoid loon (with something to cover up), right?

So this week, Theresa May went into full-on Trump mode.

Following a dinner with senior EU negotiating bods, May¬†made a staement¬†that there had been “European threats against Britain, deliberately timed to affect the election”

Whoa. Wait a minute, wait a minute. You mean, those people that we’ve told to fuck off have taken it badly, and want us to honour the agreement we previously signed off on?

And, unless I’m very much mistaken Mrs May, you called the election, not them.

And – hang on, I must be missing something here – since you didn’t want to Leave in the first place and clearly have all of the negotiating prowess of a potato in a sock with a face drawn on it, why would they want you to be replaced?

Oh wait Рunless this was a deliberate ploy to make sure that all who voted to Leave last year turned out again for you in June? But that kind of scaremongering has no place in modern politics, does it?


It’s not strong and stable, it’s fucking deranged. She can’t even eat chips without looking like she’s from another realm. Seriously, it comes to something when Ed Miliband is able to call you out on how to eat in public:


And don’t even get me started on May’s response to a perfectly reasonable question about the NHS, about nurses, and their increased dependency on food banks:

That’s right, Theresa. There are many complex reasons why nurses might be going to food banks. I’ll list them for you:

  1. They’re underpaid
  2. They’re hungry

That appears to be it.

But it’s okay, there’s always the European health workers (who you refuse to¬†guarantee the safety of, post Brexit) to step in and take over.

Oh, and then there’s the small issue of the proposed increase in tax and National Insurance contributions which they tried to bring in under the last budget, before ditching it when (finally, after trying to defend and justify it for a few days, claiming it was our fault for misunderstanding everything, because we’re all THAT stupid) they had to accept¬†it was in direct contradiction of their last manifesto pledge, and which May now refuses to confirm won’t happen should they be re-elected.

Look, I know there’s an obesity probem in the UK, I’m living proof of it, but surely the way to address that isn’t by making sure that the working (and a large chunk of the middle) classes can’t afford to eat?

So, anyway, let me just leave this here for you to think about:


The Bluetones – Carn’t Be Trusted

And then there were the local elections on Thursday. I can’t pretend these went well for a cardigan-wearing leftie like me. There were Conservative gains, of course, many in traditionally Labour heartland. This cannot be considered to be encouraging. Areas of Wales, Scotland, and Birmingham, all went to the Tories.

Wales: I love you but you should hang your heads in shame that you’ve voted for the party that decimated the economic output of your community.

The only thing I can cling to here is the massive losses suffered by UKIP, who ended up with just one seat.

And why did UKIP only manage to secure one seat? From the results, it certainly isn’t the case that UKIP voters¬†switched to Labour, is it?

So¬†ask yourself this: if you’ve never voted UKIP before, because you recognise them as the racist fuckwits we know they are, then why would you vote for a political party which has – as Real Ale and fags raconteur, the man with a face you’d never get tired of punching, Nigel Farage¬†acknowledged this week – absorbed their policies?

If you continue, or are considering, voting Tory in the forthcoming election, but think that UKIP are a bunch of whackos, then you need to take a fucking long look in the mirror, for you are now just UKIP under a different name.

So, yeah, this:


Depeche Mode – Where’s The Revolution?

That’ll do for now.

Don’t forget, of course, that to have¬†a say in the forthcoming election, you need to be able to vote in it. Go here to make sure your voice is heard.

More soon.

The Chain (Slight Return)

Some of you will recall that until recently, I did a post every Wednesday called “The Chain”, where a song was posted and I would invite readers to suggest songs to link to that record.

At the start of the year, I thought it would be a smart thing to move it to a Sunday. It turns out that really wasn’t a smart move at all, for ever since then the posts have pretty much petered out. It will be returning again shortly (I know, I’ve said that many times before), but, as an explanation/peace offering, here’s one of the reasons why it hasn’t been around much.

One of the rules of The Chain is that we wouldn’t post the same song more than once. Now, I hate having to decline to play a suggestion that someone has taken the time to a) think of, and b) suggest, so I thought before I did the next instalment, I’d compile a list of every song that had been suggested/posted, which you could use as a reference point, and which I’d update every week. You could call it (and I probably will) a Chain Compendium, if you’re a fan of alliteration.

Anyway, since we’d done 39 editions of The Chain, some with 40 or so suggestions (there’s around 850 songs in the playlist I have of all posted songs in that thread) it’s taking me a little longer than I had anticipated.

See, every now and then I would type the name of a song, and think “What the hell is that?”, and of course, I’d have to go and investigate.

Plus, there are songs which, having been reminded of they’re existence, I simply couldn’t avoid listening to again.

There have been many songs that I’ve been introduced to thanks to The Chain, but king amongst those is this, from The Chain #29, a song so beautiful that I have to stop and listen in awe whenever it comes up on my mp3 shuffly device:


Jesse Winchester – Sham-A-Ling-Dong-Ding

That’s not just one of the finest songs ever to feature on The Chain, but one of the finest songs I’ve ever heard. If you missed it, or ignored it, first time around, then I cannot urge you enough to listen to it this time around.

So, thanks, again to fellow Bloggers Summit absentee The Swede of Unthought of though, somehow fame for bringing that into my life. Someday I hope to post something which brings you as much joy (and tears, if I’m honest) as that does.

More soon.

Replenishing the Vinyl

This morning, a track from an album that I remember my Dad having when I was a kid, an album that I love pretty much every track from, which I bought on vinyl recently, but an album I remember predominantly because my Dad’s copy had split and had a piece of duct tape across the outer circle of the vinyl, holding it together, and thus over the first track on each side.

It’s okay, I’ve explained to him why the idea of putting duct tape on a vinyl album is unwise since then.

That album: Neil Diamond’s “Stones”.

I’d say that if you wanted a starting point with Diamond’s records, this is it. Although it is pretty much exclusively cover versions, you get a feel for his influences and musical style much more than with, say, the more recent Rick Rubin produced stuff.

Anyway, given last night’s football result, which pretty much ends my lots’ already slim chances of overtaking our West London rivals (and I’m really not looking forward to work on Monday, where I sit opposite a Chelsea fan), this, a Joni Mitchell cover, of course, seems a rather begrudgingly appropriate tune:


Neil Diamond – Chelsea Morning

Last year was difficult; we were second through most of the season, and whilst everyone was willing Leicester City on to their deserved historic win, so nobody wanted us to catch them.

This year, I got the feeling things were different. Everyone, except for knuckle-dragging Chelsea fans, once their own teams were out of the running (and Arsenal fans excepted) wanted us to win, and it’s annoying that we’ve fallen short again. I just hope there isn’t the same final game, already on the beach, capitulation that we saw last year against Newcastle, which meant we ended up third rather than second.

More (about dreams being crushed) soon. (I feel an Election related post coming on.)