Initial Thoughts

Look at this – not just back, but back with a new thread!

Quite a long time ago, I thought I might start writing what will undoubtedly end up being a very sporadic, intermittent thread, featuring songs by artists with initials in their name, or songs featuring the same, or both. I must confess, this idea was kind of bubbling just below the surface for a while and then was nudged up above water level by whoever it was (The Beard, I think) that suggested “EMF” by EMF a while ago on The Chain (remember that…? Stick around….).

Last night, I realised that I have a picture of today’s artist hanging up in my flat, yet have never posted a single song by her (apart from in The Chain, where she’s featured once, suggested by yours truly). Time to rectify that, I think.

So here we are, with the first record in an occasional series, and I can think of no finer way to kick things off than with a song which was written by Cat Stevens, covered by the likes of Rod Stewart and Sheryl Crow, and which Stevens himself released on his “New Masters” album in 1967 – shortly after today’s version was a hit.

Apparently, Stevens sold this song to today’s artiste for £30, which seems a fricking bargain, if you ask me. Her version was released first, and in my humble opinion, is the version which has never been bettered:


P. P. Arnold – The First Cut is the Deepest

You know the drill by now: more soon.


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12 thoughts on “Initial Thoughts”

  1. Great song – It was featured over at Marie’s place quite recently and until that time I had never seen a picture of her so it was a lovely surprise. I still have a lot to learn but bit by bit I’m making inroads.

    Most of Rod’s ’70s songs were written in the ’60s by other people weren’t they, but formed his best period I think. Of course I rarely see him popping up around the sites I follow so is he another that we’re not supposed to like? Shame as I was a big fan as a youngster.

      1. I would agree of course and I had suspected that was the case. Still looks like a chap that has had a pretty good run in life though and love the fact he still plays football with his older brothers on a Sunday and they are in their late ’70s and ’80s. Good genes obviously.

    1. And you, young lady, should stop worrying about what’s cool or acceptable and what isn’t. Keep doing what you’re doing, which is blimming wonderful. But burn any post “Do You Think I’m Sexy?” Rod records you may own

  2. Well now – I knew it was a Cat Stevens song, so hurray for me. I’ve always been madly in love with P. P. Arnold and The First Cut is the Deepest is one of her finest moments. I have to say that if you haven’t seen the video of her live with the Small Faces singing “Tin Soldier”, you definitely have not lived.

  3. Not being one for hyperbole, I think this particular version is one of the 10 best things in the history of recorded music. (Duane Eddy features in one of the remaining 9)

  4. There are many fine versions of this record (even Rod couldn’t muck it up), but no, there are none finer than PP.

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