Sunday Morning Coming Down

This morning, another entry into the canon of song titles that you would only find in Country music, by a chap whose back catalogue I am still exploring (not a euphemism).

I think this is probably more of a Saturday night than a Sunday morning song, unless you start early, that is:


John Prine – Yes I Guess They Oughta Name A Drink After You

That is all.

More soon.

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9 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coming Down”

  1. Someone else I will have to investigate a bit further as I see his name pops up a lot in certain corners of the blogosphere.

    What are you like this weekend with your wordplay?! I must admit however that whenever I use that phrase (impossible to avoid it sometimes) it always sounds like a euphemism, so not just me then.

  2. Been a fan of John Prine’s since his 1st album and have always thought he was one of the world’s best ever singer/songwriters. Over the past 30 years, his work has been far better than Dylan’s and others, but because he’s not regarded as “hip” by the music critics, his music. I’ve seen John Prine live 3 times and each time was a joy. Above all, Prine reflects what life is like for REAL human beings – and a lot of the time, he does it with a huge grin. Diamonds in the Rough is a great album – check out “Souvenirs” (If it doesn’t bring a tear to your eye, you have no soul) and the brilliantly crafted “The Great Compromise”. Just check out the lyrics on Diamonds In The Rough and you’ll see why Prine is known as the USA’s unofficial Poet Laureate. It really pains me that he’s not a major musical figure, when far lesser songwriters are lauded by the critics. Look – just give Diamonds In The Rough a listen – or Prime Prine: The Best of John Prine, hell, any of his albums. Listen to “Jesus the Missing Years” (Hands down the funniest ever song about religion). His voice is shot now (throat cancer) but he still makes me laugh and cry. RANT OVER

    1. Has he gone yet?

      Everything you say is underlined by everything I’ve heard by him so far. He came to my attention via my country God, Kristofferson, so if he’s good enough for KK to name check, he’s definitely good enough for me to listen to

  3. Of all the other bloggers I read, Jez, your record collection is the one which most resembles my own in its complexity, eclecticism (and, at times, shamelessness). I’m not sure if that’s something you should be proud of… but well done for featuring another top tune that’s been on rotation in my car very recently.

  4. John Prine is one of those artists I own nothing by, but thoroughly enjoy everything I hear. I even saw him live once and he was great – what’s keeping me? I need to follow Lynchie’s advice and get digging.

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