The Least Surprising News of the Week

In a week full of nasty surprises, death and war, surely, this week’s news that Barry Manilow is gay was a little ray of sunshine, even if it can have come as a surprise to literally nobody.

Manilow explained that he had kept his sexual orientation secret out of concern that it would disappoint his largely female fan base; turns out that when his fans found out, they were supportive. Probably because they’re all in their late-70s by now and past caring. Or at the very least, unable to chase him anymore.

I can understand that when he rose to fame in the early to mid-1970s, times were different, and perhaps such an announcement would have attracted some adverse publicity. But it’s rather sad that he felt the need to keep this concealed, especially when you consider that he married his long-time partner in 2014, whom he had been with since 1978.

A couple of songs which seem appropriate then:


Diana Ross – I’m Coming Out


The Lemonheads – It’s About Time

Something else which will probably not come as much of a surprise – and this is where my credibility takes a bit more of a battering – is that I do have a bit of a soft-spot for Manilow’s schmaltzy kitsch shtick.

But, I’ve always found it rather ironic that, despite his reputation as being a composer/arranger and  singer/songwriter, one of his bigger hits, “I Write the Songs”, was actually written by former Beach Boy Bruce Johnston; in fact by the time Manilow released it in 1976, it had already been recorded by The Captain & Tennille, and been a hit for teen pin-up David Cassidy.

I do rather like Manilow’s version, though. There. I’ve said it.


 Barry Manilow – I Write the Songs

Yes, you’re right. I did just want to post some Manilow. Sue me.

More soon.


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8 thoughts on “The Least Surprising News of the Week”

  1. My partner and I talked about The Manilow. She said it was blindingly obvious, I said I had it had never occurred to me. As is the way of such important matters, it got a bit heated “You MUST have known!”, “No, why must I?” “It was OBVIOUS!!!”, “Not to me, I never thought about it”. And so on. We moved on to the Gibraltar debate next. OK, we didn’t.

  2. Must have missed that “news” this week but like I said in my George Michael posts when he came out, none of the fans cared and had always assumed it was the case anyway. This is me saying this from a 2017 perspective however so it just goes to show what a long way we’ve come from those much less-accepting days of the ’70s and ’80s.

    Gibraltar is gay!! – I am shocked about that as it had always seemed just so heterosexual. I can think of a few countries that I most definitely think of as gay and there are others “that protest too much” so are still in the closet – Once they do a Barry M however the world will be a much safer place. (Have I gone too far here?)

    1. Nope not too far. I tried for a while to think of some reasons why Gibraltar is gay, but decided against continuing once it occurred to me that it may shortly be swamped by either British or Spanish seamen. (Sorry!)

  3. I actually thought he’d come out ages ago.

    There is no shame in enjoying a bit of Manly Barrimore, the Bazzer boogie. I myself partake quite frequently. You’d be surprised how many of his other big hits he didn’t write too. I did a post on one of them quite recently.

  4. I just always assumed he was gay. First heard of him as Bette Middler’s piano player and the next I knew was the horrendous beast that was “Mandy” blaring out from every radio in the land. From then on, I just regarded him as a younger version of Neil Sedaka, because they sounded very similar to me.

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