Claps, Clicks & Whistles #7

So far in this series, we’ve had songs which feature hand-claps, songs which feature whistling, but none that feature both hand-claps and whistling.

Until today.

You will let me know if the excitement gets too much for you, won’t you?

The Struts are a band from Derby, who make music which has, quite accurately in my opinion, been described as “unabashedly over the top retro-fetishist classic rock”.

Certainly, listening to their debut album, 2014’s somewhat arrogantly titled “Everybody Wants”, you do find yourself noting similarities with the aforementioned classic rock songs.

Take today’s tune for example: is it just me, or does the melody of the verse bear more than just a passing resemblance to “Waterloo Sunset”…?

In September 2015, USA Today named them “Band on the Verge”, which either means that they were tipping them for big things, or that their tour bus had broken down by the side of the road.

Anyway, on the verge is where they’ve stayed, despite – or perhaps because of – opening for Guns’n’Roses in August 2016. They’ve also opened for The Rolling Stones, which is perhaps unsurprising since lead singer Luke Stiller has been described as “the musical love child of Freddie Mercury and Mick Jagger”.

Sure, there’s nothing new or ground-breaking going on here, but don’t let the generic rock/pop-ness of The Struts put you off; they are a lot of fun.

And at the very least, you can while away a few moments spotting their influences, which apparently include Queen, The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Def Leppard, The Smiths, Oasis, The Strokes, The Libertines and My Chemical Romance. Maybe they should add some more to that list to help them get off that verge. If it really does refer to a broken down tour bus (which it doesn’t, but I’m going to see this gag through to the end whether you like it or not), Mike & the Mechanics might be an idea.


The Struts – She Makes Me Feel

Just to be clear, I would never recommend any band should try to sound like Mike & The Mechanics. Except post-Thotch Brian Pern, of course.

More soon.


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2 thoughts on “Claps, Clicks & Whistles #7”

  1. It’s pleasant enough but wholly forgettable. It sounds like they’re trying to write catchy pop songs, with the production to go with it, but it’s all a bit of a throw-in-the-kitchen-sink effort with the little efects, and woah-woahs etc. Says Mr Grumpy

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