Late Night Stargazing

Returning from a six-year hiatus, it was announced recently that Fleet Foxes are to release their third album later this year.

They were a band that I was never particularly bothered by, with the exception of one song of theirs, from their second album, “Helplessness Blues“. This was the only album to feature drummer and backing vocalist Josh Tillman, who left the band in 2012 to pursue a solo career under the name Father John Misty, who I love.

This is the one song:


Fleet Foxes – Lorelai

Not quite the sound that springs to mind when you think of Seattle bands recording on the Sub Pop label that, is it?

More soon.

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One thought on “Late Night Stargazing”

  1. Mrs S & I saw Fleet Foxes in 2008 – Josh Tillman played a solo acoustic set as their support before climbing behind the kit for the main event. We actually already owned a few J.Tillman’s CDr releases before we bought the first Fleet Foxes album and were just as keen to see him as The Foxes, but unfortunately the vast majority of the audience talked through JT’s set and/or totally ignored him. Four years later he was back in town as Father John Misty and he tore the roof off the place.
    Those first two Fleet Foxes albums (and the ‘Sun Giant’ EP) still sound fabulous, but I’m not yet sure what to make of the tunes I’ve heard from ‘Crack-Up’.

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