Funky Nassau

Here’s something a little different to the normal stuff I post, inspired by a pleasant, if unexpected, warm front.

Say what you like about Brexit, the weather’s been dead nice here since Article 50 was triggered on Wednesday.

One of the highlights of my weekend is listening to Huey Morgan’s show on 6Music of a Saturday morning. I’m not all that fond of his brash, super-cool New York persona, but he does play some fine tunes; doubtless he’s played this at some time or another, but if not, it’s the sort of thing which would fit in pretty well on his show.

I first heard this record about ten, maybe fifteen years ago. Concerned that my lack of knowledge of dance music would be exposed (again) when out clubbing, I went through a phase of buying CDs which had a mix provided by a famous DJ. One of them, if memory serves me right (I’ll have to try and dig it out) was a double CD, one featuring a mix by a chap called Tall Paul, the other by Fatboy Slim. This tune was a gloriously sunny highlight on the latter:


The Beginning of the End – Funky Nassau (Part One)

Speaking of Huey, here’s what I think is probably my favourite tune by him and his old band:


Fun Lovin’ Criminals – Korean Bodega

If neither of those manage to get you moving this morning, or any morning, then nothing will.

More soon.

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3 thoughts on “Funky Nassau”

  1. Yeah, chucking it down here too.

    I love Huey’s music choices too, though I preferred his Radio 2 show where he toned down the wise guy act and played a broader range of music. Unfortunately, Radio 2 recently shat all over Huey and moved him to a 1 hour slot from 5am every Saturday and Sunday morning, only to replace him with… Anneka Rice.

    This is a bit of a sore point for me.

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