April 1st

Morning all.

Usual apologies that it’s been a bit quiet around here this week, I’ll explain why at some point over the weekend.

In the meantime, picking up where I left off last weekend by providing a public service and reminding people in the UK what the date is, today is April 1st, a day when the tradition is to play practical jokes. I did toy with the idea of doing something along those lines, but then it occurred to me that there was enough going on in the world at the moment which seems like a bad practical joke, it didn’t need me adding to it.

Instead, this, from a band from the mid-1990s who I really like but who seem, by and large, to have been forgotten:


My Life Story – April 1st

More soon.


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4 thoughts on “April 1st”

  1. Recently re-formed as well. Which is to say, Jake’s started using the name again. I don’t know how many or which of the old crowd are involved, but then again it was always Jake and *whoever* really, so I don’t suppose it matters that much.

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