Late Night Stargazing

It’s been a while since I posted anything by R.E.M. and sparked the usual debate about what the greatest R.E.M. song is.

There’s a lot to choose from, but we all know it isn’t “Shiny Happy People”.

We also all know it may well be this:


R.E.M. – Low

More soon.

This Post Is About What You Think It’s About (Sort Of)

In my post earlier, I mentioned that I wasn’t going to comment on the events in London this week, and I stand by that.

But I will comment on those who use the events of Wednesday afternoon to push their agenda.

Shortly after the incident, Katie Hopkins was interviewed by that bastion of impartial disinformation, Fox News. In that interview, she described Londoners as being “cowed and afraid”.

Now I appreciate that this is a shooting fish in a barrel situation, but Katie Hopkins can fuck right off.

Londoners are neither cowed nor afraid. Aware, yes. Vigilant, most definitely. But cowed and afraid? Nonsense. I’m yet to speak to any resident of London who isn’t approaching their day-to-day life in exactly the same way as any resident of any other major city around the world, whether they have been subjected to a terrorist attack or not: with a resolute determination to carry on as normal.

Hopkins is nothing more than a failed reality TV contestant trying to make a name for herself by spouting the most vile bile she can. Open a dictionary to see what the definition of “knee-jerk” is, and there’s a picture of Hopkins (there isn’t, but there should be).

She lost a court case recently for implying that the claimant, Jack Monroe, had defaced or vandalised war memorials. (She sent him a Tweet which read: “Scrawled on any memorials recently? Vandalised the memory of those who fought for your freedom. Grandma got any more medals?”) Monroe was awarded £24,000 in damages.

But this wasn’t the first time Hopkins has been sued. In 2016, Mail Online was forced to pay £150,000 to a Muslim family whom Hopkins had falsely accused of extremist links

All of which would be hilarious, had it had any semblance of effect on her.

There is of course, nothing overtly funny about any attack such as the one which took place on Wednesday; that said, there is humour – and truth – to be found in any situation, and props on this occasion goes to a tweet I saw shortly after the identity of the attacker had been announced:

Screenshot_20170325-083114 (2)

You can see how popular that was.

Farage was, of course, on air on LBC Radio on Wednesday night. I didn’t listen, I could imagine what he was saying. I’m sure (ahem) that he oversaw a fair and reasoned debate. The only time I’ve ever listened to Farage on LBC was when he was interviewed by James O’Brien, who I now officially love, in the run up to the Brexit referendum. This lasts just shy of 20 minutes, but is well worth your time:

I appreciate that I’m arguably adding to the problem with this post, but I don’t understand why Hopkins and Farage are still given the oxygen of publicity. Or any oxygen, for that matter.

Hopkins, Farage: prepare yourself for the worst than can happen to you. I’ve chosen a song from the early 1990s that seems appropriate:


Ugly Kid Joe – Everything About You

BAM! Eat music, motherlovers.

More soon.

This Post Is Not About What You Might Think It’s About

I live in London. Some stuff happened in London this week. You may have heard about it.

Whilst of course my thoughts and condolences go out to those that lost friends, family, relations on Wednesday, I’m a firm believer in not giving the perpetrators the oxygen of publicity. Not that I think for a second that in a cave somewhere a member of so-called ISIS is charging up their camcorder whilst reading this and saying “The infidel is posting songs by popular Liverpudlian beat combo Echo & the Bunnymen in defiance of us!” Broadband and caves are not the happiest of bedfellows, for a start.

So whilst this morning’s songs may seem to be applicable to that situation, that’s purely coincidental. This post is not about that. Although, I would have absolutely no objections to you listening to today’s songs with current affairs in mind. I don’t control your thoughts, do what you like (within reason).

No, this is about a friend of mine who’s been having a bit of a hard time of it recently. I won’t name names, but if they’re reading this, they’ll know who they are.

For you, two songs. First, this, the opening track from one of the greatest comeback albums ever released, and some words of wisdom from the real Fab Macca:


Echo & The Bunnymen – Don’t Let It Get You Down

Oh, and this, from someone whose name came up in conversation on Friday, but modesty prevents me from saying why, and which I’ve posted before, a long, long time ago:


Teenage Fanclub – Some People Try to Fuck With You

Chin up.

More soon.