Replenishing the Vinyl

When Hel and I stopped living together, I inherited all of her vinyl.

Wait, that makes it sound a like a messy divorce settlement.

What I mean is that when Hel moved out of our shared flat, she allowed me to look after her vinyl as they had no means of playing it in her new home. Very generous of her, I’m sure you’ll agree.

For his 40th birthday in January, Hel bought her chap (and my buddy) Neil a turntable, so we’re in the process of arranging them coming over to collect all of her vinyl. I’m hoping to be able to negotiate visiting the vinyl every other weekend. Fingers crossed.

All of this means that I suddenly have a shelf to fill.

About a year ago, I found that my own turntable had died, so I bought a new one. Whenever I’ve moved into a new house before, I’ve made sure that the first thing I’ve done is set up the stereo (how old does that make me sound, describing it as a “stereo”??), and then the first thing I’ve played in my new home has been a record by The Smiths. In recent times, this has been a CD, but since I’d bought a new turntable, I figured I’d blow the dust off my vinyl, and christen it in the appropriate manner.

Except I suddenly found that I no longer had any of my albums by The Smiths on vinyl.

Or any of my vinyl albums by The Wedding Present.

Or any of my vinyl albums by R.E.M.

And a few more besides.

It was as if someone had gone through my vinyl, picked out the records that I loved the most, and taken them from me.

Let me be clear: there are certain records which I have parted company with over the years, usually because I was skint and needed to make myself a couple of quid pronto. But there is absolutely no way I would have sold any of these, especially not my Smiths albums, all original pressings on Rough Trade with the droll Manc comments etched into the run-out grooves.

I have my suspicions about what happened to them; I think a former flatmate of ours, who suddenly moved out when Hel and I were at work one day, with no notice, leaving us with a load of bills to pay and an empty room to fill (and the rent to make up), decided to take them with him. Either that, or one of the randoms that a later flatmate developed a habit of bringing back from the pub and letting them sleep in our living room (where the vinyl lived) took a shine to them.

So, I’ve decided to track down new copies of all that I used to own, original copies/label only, which as you can imagine has led to quite a lot of trawling through ebay listings recently.

And whilst I’ve had some limited success in repurchasing my lost vinyl, I’ve also found myself buying some other records which either my brother or my Dad owned, which I liked when I was a kid, even if I’d never have admitted it at the time.

So, in lieu of me writing The Chain today (which will be back, just not today) I thought I’d tread all over the toes of my peers JC at The Vinyl Villain and CC at Charity Chic Music (and probably a lot more besides) by posting some of the vinyl I bought recently.

Here’s the first, from a double vinyl, gatefold-covered album my brother owned, which, for reasons which escape me now, I claimed not to like at the time, but which secretly I loved:


The Jam – Man In The Corner Shop

More of this backwards looking nonsense soon.

A Real Throbber

Just in case The Chain doesn’t surface later today, here’s my excuse.

It was my mate Ferg’s 40th birthday drink-a-thon last night. And today, I am feeling considerably older than that. When I was a younger man, hangovers were no problem. I’m not sure when that stopped being the case.

If the bacon and egg sarnie I’m currently mustering up the energy to create doesn’t sort me out, then I think that’s me done for the day.

There may be another post later today, but it will be waaaay shorter than The Chain, which just seems too daunting a task right now (although having listened to all of the suggestions yesterday, when I do write it, it’s a belter).

So, this seems, y’know, appropriate:


Frank Black – Headache

More soon. Possibly.

Sunday Morning Coming Down

Okay so this thread has maybe been a little top-heavy on the Kristofferson recently.

So this morning, let’s have some George Jones.

Covering Kristofferson, obviously.


George Jones – Why Me Lord?

Now, George Jones is a legend, but he’s not the only legend to have covered that song:


Johnny Cash – Why Me Lord?

Oh go on then. If you insist. The original.


Kris Kristofferson – Why Me

More soon.