Claps, Clicks & Whistles #4

Quite often I’ve mentioned on these pages how the idea of which song to write about has come to me serendipitously. This is, of course, slightly disingenuous of me; for whilst I do have my iPod constantly on shuffle, I don’t really believe that it’s fate that a certain song has come to my attention; often, as with the songs on this thread, my ears are attuned to any song which might contain either handclaps, finger clicks or whistles.

It is true to say that every now and then I will hear a song which contains one of the above that I had either not noticed before, or, as with today’s tune, where I’d forgotten that it did, possibly because they don’t surface until the record has almost finished.

Last weekend I was watching a BBC4 show featuring performances of bands which had female members, and there, almost at the end of the show, came this, which I’m going to assume you need no further introduction to (especially as this song featured recently on The Chain, and as another song by the same band will feature in this week’s once WordPress/my laptop has decided that it likes the idea of me inserting links to mp3s again).

Here’s Elastica:


Elastica – Connection

That is all.

More soon.