A History of Dubious Taste – 1986

Recently I have posted the following two assertions:

  1. That it annoyed me that the reruns of Top of the Pops currently airing of BBC4 weren’t being shown in the concurrent week as they had been originally broadcast, and
  2. That I had made a New Year’s Resolution to get on top of the thread which this blog was originally created for: to go through every record I had bought, in sequence.

You can imagine, therefore, how irritated I am with myself that here we are, over halfway through February 2017, and I still haven’t written a single post about records I bought in 1986 and so I’m already out of sync with my younger self, 31 years ago.

I don’t really like just posting a song and saying: “And then I bought this….”, I like there to be a story to tell, a bon mots to drop about why I bought it, what was going on in my life – but sometimes that’s all there is to it. I just bought it because it’s ace.

For example, in January 1986, I bought this, a record I still adore today, and strictly speaking should have featured in my sporadic “How To Do A Cover Version” thread by now:


The Damned – Eloise

I mean, I could tell you (again, I’m sure I must have mentioned it before, it’s one of the first things I mention to practically anyone I meet for the first time…) about the time I sang karaoke with Captain Sensible (CLANG!!!!), but since I can’t actually remember what song we sang, the anecdote pretty much ends there.

Anyway, hopefully this should start me back on track.

By which I mean, of course: more soon.


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4 thoughts on “A History of Dubious Taste – 1986”

  1. ‘The Black Album’ and ‘Strawberries’ are my favourite Damned albums and, at the time, I remember being a bit snooty about the whole ‘Phantasmagoria’/’Anything’ period, feeling that the band had somehow sold out. Complete nonsense in retrospect of course. Just the sort of ridiculous sweeping statement I was sometimes given to express in my younger days. Nice to hear this one again.
    I think we need a refresher n the Captain Sensible anecdote.

    1. There really isn’t much more to tell. We booked him for our Christmas Ball when I was at Uni; in those days it was generally my job to look after “the talent”, so I’d make sure they were fed and generally happy. We’d purchased a karaoke machine (this was 1989/90 so the fad hadn’t really kicked in by then) and on espying it set up in the Union café, The Captain insisted on having a go, and he also insisted on me accompanying him. Folks have often said that if this was true, I’d remember what song we did – I insist that the fact that I can’t remember proves it is true, it’s too dull a story for me to have made up without that bit of info!

  2. Yes it is tricky isn’t it – When I started last year it was with a view to revisiting the “tracks of my years” (copied that from somewhere didn’t I) that have nostalgic stories attached to them. Sadly you get all your best stories out in the first 6 months when you have no followers to speak of, so not really been read by anyone and now, like you, the stories are more, “Here is something we listened to on a night out in ’87”!

    Like with boxsets/catch-up, it would be nice to start at the beginning again for those people who didn’t sign up until later! Might be an idea for a new thread?

    1. A fair point! Also, I have a few anecdotes I’ve deliberately held back, including one absolute belter, and now my friends are all hassling me asking “When are you going to tell THAT one..?” (I believe that’s what’s known as a teaser…)

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