I Am The Mouth

When was the last time you heard a record by The Housemartins being played out that wasn’t “Happy Hour”?

Apart from when “Caravan of Love” gets its annual outing in department stores on the run up to Christmas (so, anytime from early September onwards), I mean.

Take nothing away from “Happy Hour”, it’s a bloody great tune. At the end of the video, there are three of the four members of the band dancing solo (drummer Hugh Whitaker doesn’t strut his stuff; in 1993, he was jailed for for assaulting his former business associate with an axe and setting fire to his house on three occasions, so he probably had other things on his mind at the time); when we were at college, me and my mate Keith would emulate guitarist Stan Cullimore’s moves (not be confused with former Ulrika botherer, dogger and professional footballer Stan Collymore) performing what we used to refer to as ‘The Wacky Stan Dance’.

It’s odd that’s pretty much the only record by The Housemartins that gets an airing; they were a consistent singles band, but only ever released nine, so it’s not as if there’s too many to choose from.

Rarely, for example, do you ever hear this one, an absolute rip-roaring belter, which was written on the same day as “Happy Hour”:


The Housemartins – Me and The Farmer

Oh go on then, here’s the “Happy Hour” video, just so you can check out that dance:

More soon.


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5 thoughts on “I Am The Mouth”

  1. Given enough alcohol, my mates and used to attempt the full band dance (at around 2.06 in the video). Happy days. Always loved The Housemartins, but never got into Beautiful South.

    1. I always saw the first couple of Beautiful South albums as being what The Housemartins would probably have become anyway, and I liked them for a while, but my patience finally ran out with them around the time of Perfect 10. Actually, not around then, precisely then.

  2. I like Me & The Farmer more than Happy Hour. I like Sheep more too. The sheer ubiquity of HH Beatlesed it for me for a long while. I’m over that now.

    My three year old loves Joy Joy Joy Joy.

    (And I loved the Beautiful South to the end, so perhaps I win Dubiouser Taste on this one.)

  3. I actually preferred the second Housemartins album to the first one. It’s more varied and interesting. I liked the Beautiful South for a while – ‘0898’ in particular is a great album – but I got bored when they just kept churning out the same old same old.

  4. The fourth best band in Hull. Their words.

    It’s more than a sense of civic pride that makes me love The Housemartins. A great band. The Beautiful South less so but they had their moments in the early days.

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