I Am The Mouth

I didn’t really expect to revisit the output of one Stewart Godard aka Adam Ant so soon after starting this thread, but that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

On Saturday night, when I was out enjoying some gorgeous nosh, a friend and occasional reader of these pages and I got chatting about the reruns on Top of the Pops I mentioned the other day.

He’s a little younger than I am, though not as much as he claims, and we were talking, amongst other things, about which editions we could actually remember seeing.

I do have a vague recollection of seeing Sparks, mainly because Ron Mael’s curious moustache and death stare, though I wold struggle to say which song I saw them perform.

But when one of the editions I did remember when got reshown, I found myself bellowing “Yes! Four stages Adam!”

Which sounds like some kind of recovery plan, but in reality refers to the time that Adam Ant performed today’s tune – which never gets played out, and I have no idea why, because it’s such an absolute gem – and practically was given free reign of the Top of the Pops studio.


Adam Ant – Goody Two Shoes

And here, if you’re interested, is that multi-stage performance on Top of the Pops:

Kudos to the Top of the Pops producers for recognising a genuine pop star and allowing him to do what he wants, even if it is a bit Benny Hill in places, and does feature Adam frankly not being arsed to lip-sync at one point, and also allowing him to display his proficiency on the polystyrene crumbling column as an instrument.

But still, “Goody Two Shoes” is one hell of a record: a blistering assault on the media’s obsession with digging up the dirt on the famous and successful. Oh, how so very little changes.

More soon.

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7 thoughts on “I Am The Mouth”

  1. Oh Adam, how I worshipped thee. He (along with Kenny Dalglish) was my boyhood hero. I fully remember this TOTP appearance (who could forget it!) and actually watched it fairly recently. It was even better than I recalled. Few TOTP performances have ever topped this, though one or two (The KLF immediately spring to mind) have come pretty close.

    You’re right, he was a genuine pop star, and the song is a corker, without a doubt his best ‘solo’* track and better than quite a lot of the Ants stuff too. Apparently, Adam was teetotal and anti-drugs, so he’s the Goody Two Shoes and reputedly why he split up the Ants.

    (* I say ‘solo’ as the first pressing of the single was credited on the label and the sleeve to Adan & The Ants. The single also featured fellow Ants Marco Pirroni and Terry Lee Mayall, although the latter’s drums were replaced for the album version.)

  2. Remember this well from first time around from watching it again recently – He was a beautiful man. He was a very nimble soul and when I watch this now I just feel jealous that my knees could no longer do any of that!

  3. The ‘Friend or Foe’ LP is Adam at his pop peak. OK, I could do without the cover of ‘Hello I Love You’, but otherwise, it’s still a great listen.

  4. I bought the Best of Adam & the Ants in a charity shop in Blairgowrie a year or so ago
    The pleasant young lad who served me mentioned that they were his mother’s favourite.
    Made me feel as old as I actually am

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