Claps, Clicks & Whistles #1

It occurred to me quite a long time ago that any song which featured handclaps, finger clicks or whistling was by default a happy, upbeat cheerful song.

So I have decided to test this theory, and post songs here which feature one or more of the above.

Happy, upbeat and cheerful is of course what we’re aiming for, in the face of all this absurd adversity the real world represents. Don’t get me started. I’m barely keeping a lid on it at the moment.

And I’m doing this on a Tuesday because Tuesday’s are almost as horrible as Mondays; if not blue, then certainly a deeper shade of cobalt.

I say all of this, and yet the first tune I’m posting doesn’t particularly make me feel happy, upbeat or cheerful. But, crucially, the name of the band does. Besides, what we’re going to do here is make you a playlist to put a spring in your step, so consider this very much the intro track:


Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! – Clap Your Hands!

More soon. No really, I have loads of these.


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9 thoughts on “Claps, Clicks & Whistles #1”

  1. “No really, I have loads of these.” Looking forward to hearing them, despite the first offering in the series………….

  2. I don’t think you timed this one right, since it appears before your last post, hence not on a Tuesday. Not that I think that’s your fault, it’s these stupid blogs, they have a mind of their own sometimes.

    Anyway, I bought this Clap Your Hands CD in Poundland a few months back. Still haven’t listened to it yet. Not sure this track encouraged me. I might have to side with George on this one.

    Can I suggest Home by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes?

    1. It does this sometimes, does WordPress: places them in the order you write them, not the order you published them. Annoying. Anyway, the albums a lot better than that track implies. And your suggestion is already on the list

      1. Agreed – it is very much included because of the band name, the song name, and the fact that, curiously, it was the only song by them which seemed to actually feature handclaps. “Home” is rapidly getting bumped up towards the top of this playlist, by the way!

  3. ‘A deeper shade of cobalt’ is an album title waiting to happen. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, in spite of being familiar with the name, but this wasn’t the kind of noise I was expecting to be confronted with, that’s for sure. Interesting.
    A splendid idea for a series. I can think of one or two examples off the top of my head and I look forward to hearing what you’ve got up your sleeve in the coming weeks.

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