Sunday Morning Coming Down

Even though I won’t be going this year, I always like to keep an eye open for who is rumoured to be appearing at the Glastonbury festival.

Traditionally, the full, massive line-up is kept under wraps until long after the tickets have sold out, but the internet is usually kept busy speculating and this year is no different.

So far, only Radiohead have been officially confirmed, and then earlier this week various news outlets confirmed another act had announced on their website that  they were performing on the Pyramid Stage : Kris Kristofferson.

However, a Glastonbury spokesbod refused to confirm his appearance, and a quick visit to his website today shows no such announcement, so I can’t help but wonder whether he’s been told he’s not supposed to have let it slip and has removed it from the site. Certainly there is now no listing for Saturday 23rd June, the day he was rumoured to performing.

Anyway, here’s one of his tunes from 1978’s “Easter Island”, a highlight from an album which isn’t exactly one of my favourites, but this is still a rather fine track, an upbeat one to get your Sunday going:


Kris Kristofferson – Lay Me Down (And Love The World Away)

More soon (and yes, that does mean The Chain).

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coming Down”

  1. As I am still computer-less, I think the suggestion to write about KK and his song has past its sell-by date now so I don’t have to worry about stepping on your toes any more. Did quite a bit of research on him however in the meantime – What a guy! He would have succeeded in whatever walk of life he chose. Considering my little mum is the same age as he is, I just can’t imagine an appearance at Glastonbury but good on him if it happens.

    Totally lost my blogging mojo at the moment because I’ve lost just so much stuff from my PC but hope to get back to it soon. Hope you’ve not lost your mojo re The Chain – Best post of the week but an awful lot of work so well done for having kept it going for so long. A real 2016 triumph but you perhaps weren’t expecting middle-aged, lady-bloggers from the Scottish Highlands to be joining in. If I don’t return soon-ish it’ll be because I’m crouching behind the grassy knoll!

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