Late Night Stargazing

More positivity and all round good vibes for tonight’s offering.

The Beloved first came to my attention when I bought a compilation CD called “CD88”, which contained “Forever Dancing”. It was not a song that particularly grabbed me – I was still in dance-music denial at the time – and if you asked me to tell you how it goes, I’d struggle.

They had some chart success in the UK in 1989/1990 with the singles lifted from their “Happiness” album, and then again a couple of years later with this:

the-beloved-sweet-harmony-east-westThe Beloved – Sweet Harmony

The accompanying video caused quite a stir, featuring as it did a naked founding… erm…member Jon Marsh, sitting amongst a group of also naked women, one of whom went on to (arguably) bigger and better things by a) marrying Vernon Kay, b) co-hosting BBC TV flagship show “Strictly Come Dancing”. See if you can spot her:

More soon.


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One thought on “Late Night Stargazing”

  1. I’d totally forgotten that The Beloved featured on the CD88 compilation (although mine was rather perversely the cassette version, but I think the tracks were the same). They came to my attention a couple of years earlier on another compilation where they were still very guitar-based.
    The Soup Dragons and The Shamen are two other acts that featured on both collections, and all three of the acts sounded very different to their origins by the turn of the decade.

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