Sunday Morning Coming Down

The final posting in my Knopfler trilogy, and then I’ll go back to posting credible stuff (in comparison) again.

When I left home to go to college, I made a conscious decision that I’m not very proud of these days: I weeded out all the records that wouldn’t be deemed “cool” in my new surroundings, left them at home for my Dad to give a spin. That included all of my Dire Straits albums (but not my Quo ones. Interesting where I drew the line, isn’t it?).

When I next returned home, I found Dad was playing them in the car, singing along to “Sultans of Swing”, which kinda made me proud that after all I had learned from him – Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson and all – I’d managed to give him something back.

On the back of those albums, on a later trip home (undoubtedly laden down with dirty laundry) I found he had bought the album that today’s track comes from.

What more do I need to say, other than it’s the legend that is Chet Atkins swapping guitar licks (they know all the tricks), compliments and wise ass comments with Mark Knopfler and his dazzling braces, and it’s bloody great, perfect Sunday morning fodder.


Chet Atkins & Mark Knopfler – There’ll Be Some Changes Made

More soon.


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2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coming Down”

  1. We are all far too worried about what is deemed cool and what is not – I don’t really have to worry about it all as much as the very nature of my blog means that most of my featured songs are uncool but even I of late have been more conscious of it and tweaked things accordingly (not sure if I would do any more Eurovision posts now!) – My fall back position however is how does a song make me feel, and if it makes my day better for whatever reason, it’s a winner for me – They don’t all have to have deep and meaningful lyrics just that particular mix of sounds that makes you smile.

    By the way, I have had a suggestion to do a post about the song Sunday Morning Coming Down which will be a challenge as didn’t really know it before I started following this thread – Hope you realise that in no way am I stepping on toes, as a stand alone thing, but would like to give it a bash.

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