Late Night Stargazing

Much was written by my friends and peers towards the end of 2016 about going to see Pixies perform. I didn’t go, and from what I’ve heard, I’m kicking myself a little bit about that now.

Pixies are one of my favourite bands ever, so why did I not grab the chance to go see them live, I hear you ask? Well, firstly, Kim Deal is no longer part of the band and that, to me, is a pretty big…erm…deal. Secondly, while the new material has been, y’know, fine, it hasn’t grabbed or excited me anywhere near as much as they did back in the day.

I’ve seen them before, of course, most recently in 2004, at the V Festival in Chelmsford, when they first returned to the fold, original line-up intact, and it was one of those rare, hairs-on-the-back-of-the-neck-standing-up gigs that don’t come along very often. I never thought I’d ever see them play those songs again, so to be there, albeit at the grubbiest of festivals, knee-deep in discarded fast-food trays and plastic pints, was a wonderful moment.

I saw them once before that, back when they were promoting the “Doolittle” album, 1989, Cardiff University Great Hall. I was right down the front, just avoiding the mosh-pit but still managing to position myself in front of Ms Deal, and for a couple of hours, and a for about a week afterwards, it was the greatest gig I’d ever been to. (It’s still the second best gig I ever went to; a week later I saw the greatest gig of my life, and neither have ever been usurped, no matter how many times I’ve seen Super Furry Animals, Quo, or The Wedding Present).

So why didn’t I go see them last year? Because I figured they’d probably focus on their new stuff a bit more than I liked. Seems from the reviews I’ve read that I was sadly misguided on that one, but there you go, win some, you lose some.

So why am I talking about them here, in the bit where I post quite quiet, chilled out tunes? After all, Pixies are more well known for their quiet-loud-quiet format than their quiet-quiet-quiet.

Well, this song deserves some recognition, although you’ll all know it already of course. No, not “La La Love You”, although that could just have easily have been posted now. No, this:


Pixies – Hey

Gruellingly incredible stuff.

More soon.


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