I Am the Mouth

Right then, let’s get 2017 on the road.

Wait a minute.

*Checks the BBC website*


*Checks Twitter*

All clear.

Okay, so we got through Day One of 2017 with, bar some chap from M*A*S*H*, no celebrity deaths. Give yourself a pat on the back, 2017, you’re doing a fine job so far.

So: a hypothetical scenario for you. Let’s say you’ve gone to a club, or a bar, or anywhere that records are being played with the intention of getting people to dance. And let’s say that maybe there’s an 80s vibe at your venue of choice. And now let’s say that the DJ has decided to play something by Kim Wilde. They pick one of two records: either “Kids in America” or her version of “You Keep Me Hanging On”, right?


They should play this, the follow-up to “Kids in America”, an often over-looked piece of Blondie-esque bubblegum pop:


Kim Wilde – Chequered Love

Right? Right!

More soon.

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10 thoughts on “I Am the Mouth”

  1. Little known fact – I was in the front row of the Dominion Theatre for Kim’s debut London gig in October 1982. She kicked the show off with ‘ Chequered Love’.

    1. I’m so glad I didn’t drop my story about how I served her in a motorway cafe when she was supporting Michael Jackson (that’s literally the end of that particular anecdote), yours is way cooler

      1. No, you served Kim Wilde! Was it sausage, hideously overcooked broccoli, and chips, followed by jelly?? “Muito fixe” as we say here.
        I had forgotten all about this tune, it is indeed very Blondie-esque. I have the third single, water on glass.

      2. I wish I could remember! I suspect it was a very dull burger and chips, although now I think about it, I can’t believe I’ve passed up the opportunity to do an “I slipped Kim Wilde a spicy sausage” gag

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