You Couldn’t Get Away With This Nowadays

I think this may be the easiest series I ever thought of. No need to write anything, the songs speak for themselves.


Gary Puckett & The Union Gap – Young Girl

More distastefully soon.


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7 thoughts on “You Couldn’t Get Away With This Nowadays”

  1. Hi Jez, I found my way here through some lovely mutual blog friends and I’ve been enjoying your brilliant blog silently from the sidelines for a little while. Nothing voyeuristic at all, of course!

    Anyway, what a great idea for a series. Imagine the response now. What times I grew up in!

  2. This could be a very interesting series. I remember back in the mid-80s, a student radio colleague filling an end of term post-pub crawl show with songs that you couldn’t really get away with even then. It prompted a pyjama-clad Programme Controller to march down to the studios to label all present “a disgrace to the station”. I offered him a can of beer as a response.

    1. Suggestions more than welcome: when I came up with the idea the other day I thought “Ah, there must be loads of these”, but I can only think of about three now…

  3. The other day, for no reason I can fathom, Lily The Pink by The Scaffold popped into my head and I recalled how a teacher at my junior school used to regularly play it and get us all to sing along.

    I don’t think Ofsted would take kindly to such lyrical content these days…

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