I Am The Mouth

So, it seems you all get what this thread is about; featuring long-lost indie classics, along with songs by acts which are often overlooked when it comes to your standard indie disco.

Here’s one of the songs that helped me form the idea, and ironically it stems from going to an Indie Disco.

When I lived in Cardiff, every now and again we would venture up to That London for a weekend; often that would involve going to a house party, more often than not it would involve a night out followed by a house party.

The nights out would generally be at one of two places: either The Monarch in Camden, or The Garage in Islington.

Today’s record relates to the latter. One night, around ten years ago, we arrived at The Garage stupidly early, pretty much the first punters to arrive. The DJ, clearly not really anticipating anyone being there, much less anyone actually wanting to dance at such an early stage of the evening, was playing the kind of stuff he liked but knew he could never get away with playing once the night was properly underway.

As I walked in, I could not believe my ears when I heard this record, which I’d never heard before, or since, played out, but which is an absolute gem of a tune:


Denim – Middle of the Road

As I entered, I felt a thrill which I’d never experienced before, an incredulous feeling of unexpected delight. They’re playing Denim? No, wait…they can’t be playing Denim, nobody ever plays Denim. But they are! Fuck me, they are! They’re definitely playing Denim!!

For the uninitiated, Denim are the band that perennially over-looked Indie mainstays Felt became; fronted by Lawrence and supported by The Glitter Band (minus you-know-who, thankfully) Middle of the Road is a glorious glam 70s stomp through a list of things that Lawrence doesn’t care for, building up to a glorious climax as the backing singers start to quote that famous song by the band with the same name as this song.

It’s so much better than I just described it.

Bafflingly, as with every other record Lawrence has released, this wasn’t a hit when it came out back in 1993; but make no bones about it, this was a pre-cursor to the whole Britpop scene, a vital record which seems to have been forgotten simply because it wasn’t by a band that went on to make it big.

Time to rectify that, folks. Pop your flares on and play it loud.

More soon.


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