I Am The Mouth

A new thing for Mondays, for as long as I manage to keep it going.

About 10 years or so ago, when I was still living in Cardiff, I had an idea for a sort-of Indie night that I planned on starting up.

I say planned, for that’s as far as I got. I had the concept, the records, just no venue and, as it turned out, not enough zip, or get up and go to actually make it happen.

The concept was this: as well as playing long-lost, forgotten about tunes, I’d play records – mostly Indie ones – that you didn’t normally hear getting played out, by acts that you would normally hear, just not the songs that would usually get played. Not necessarily album tracks, but less played singles.

So, for example: instead of Happy Mondays “Step On” or “Kinky Afro” – which always get played – I’d play “Lazyitis” or “Loose Fit”; rather than play The Stone Roses’ “Fools Gold” or “I Am The Resurrection“- which always get played – I’d play “Made of Stone” or “Elephant Stone”: great records you could dance to, but which usually got overlooked in favour of the more established floor-fillers.

My logic was this: there’s very little that Indie hipsters like more than being able to show off that they know some of the more obscure records from an established acts’ back catalogue. People would dance because they wouldn’t want anyone to think they didn’t know the tune being played, I thought.

The night was to be called “I Am The Mouth”, and because of the slightly prophetic name, the idea was that the decks would be hidden away behind a lectern, as if when DJ’ing I was preaching from it.

I tried to set up a Myspace page for it (which dates this, obviously), only to find that someone already had a page by the same name, which rather deflated me. Had someone else had exactly the same idea, and called it exactly the same thing??

I also sounded out my friends about the idea, and mostly they (told me that they) thought it was a great idea. I even used the word “demographic” when explaining it.

But then one friend said: “So, let me get this straight: you want to start an Indie night where you play records that nobody wants to dance to?”, which was a way of looking at it that hadn’t occurred to me.

And so, wind properly knocked out of my sails, the idea remained as just that: an idea. Done properly, I still think it has legs.

I mentioned it to a good friend of mine recently (Alright, G!), a recent convert to reading these pages (I don’t go out of my way to tell my friends I do this, as I don’t want them to feel obliged to read it. If they ask, however, I will happily bang on for hours about how much I love doing this, as I’m sure they will all wearily attest) who thought it was a brilliant idea, but he was rather drunk, so I’ll ask him again when he’s sober and see what he says then.

Me posting this counts as a copyright, doesn’t it?

And the name? Well, if you know you’re early 80s pop singles that never get played out, you’ll get the reference.

“Marco, Merrick, Terry Lee, Gary Tibbs and Yours Truly

From the Naughty North and the Sexy South

We’re all singing

And I Am The Mouth.”

Or, to put it another way, this:


Adam & The Ants – Ant Rap

More of this sort of nonsense soon.

PS -Prompted by a recent comment from Marie, I’ve been looking to find an alternative file sharing service to Zippyshare. As I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve never been very happy about being associated with a site where every time you click a link you’re swamped by pop-ups inviting you to converse with scantily clad ladies who just happen to be in your locality (apparently). And then lo and behold, The Robster over at Is This The Life? posted some links on a new service he has has been using for a few days. I’ve tested it from his blog, and got no pop ups etc., so hopefully it’ll work better for those of you who’ve had issues with Zippyshare. Feedback welcome. And cheers Robster!

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22 thoughts on “I Am The Mouth”

  1. Your new file sharing service works just fine, Jez. Now I can listen to the songs again!

    I use Malwarebytes and about three weeks ago it began blocking “attacks” whenever I tried to access zippyshare.com.

    Thanks for the switch.

  2. Here I was trying, trying, trying to place the words “I am the mouth”, knowing it was a lyric from somewhere. So thanks for revealing it to be one of my boyhood heroes (the one that’s not Kenny Dalglish). Kicking myself.

    Like Marie, I use Malwarebytes which now totally blocks Zippy. I stumbled across PixelDrain after days of trying different services. Dead easy to use, quick, clean and free! I should apologise to George though – he misses the pop-ups…

  3. No problems on this laptop in this part of the world with your new file sharer. I only lasted for about ten seconds of Ant Rap, then played Loose Fit by The Happy Mondays which you mentioned earlier. By the way, and I bet I’m not the only thinking this, your new series better not interfere with your commitment to The Chain

      1. Panic not Jez – I can access the tunes via my i-pad – just haven’t worked out how to download the f*****s

  4. Zippyshare is a complete ball ache at the moment; really horrible pop-ups almost bordering on ransomware. It’s quick and easy to upload but a nightmare to download so thanks for the heads up. As for your indie disco idea, I’d go! It’s like when you go to an 80’s night and they put on the obvious tracks, what you want to hear is “I haven’t heard that in ages.”

  5. Like the new player much better but boy does the background make your eyes go funny on a big screen like the one I’m on just now! I still haven’t quite got over taking a week to load all my songs onto Cut Pi only for it to shut down the following week -Must have been the shock at having my Easy Listening tracks uploaded!

  6. Can I just say, since nobody else has, and I’ve seen it slagged off on occasion even by Ant-fans that I love Ant Rap, so good choice. Looking forward to more.

  7. Like Charity Chic, I’ve an old XP machine, which didn’t mind Zippy but won’t let me access the new service. Fear not though, my tablet doesn’t seem to mind it and I can transfer the odd download simply enough.

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