Sunday Morning Coming Down


Today, another record by an artist who was very much a staple of my youth, in that my Dad owned a couple of his albums and they got played regularly.

Don Williams always seemed to be a laid back cowboy to me, his lugubrious drawl and spectacular sideburns a cool combination.

This is a little schmaltzy maybe, but it is rather great:


Don Williams – You’re My Best Friend

More soon.

Late Night Stargazing

There’s been much mention of songs about creeks, fords, rivers, bodies of water on The Chain recently, which has led me to think of tonight’s choice.

I don’t wish to sound morbid, but this is one of the two songs that I want to played at my funeral. Unless I think of anything better, I’ll post the other one this time next week.

If The Wedding Present were to do a song called “Cheerio Jez, Who’s going to do The Chain now?” that might just knock one of them out of the running, mind.

Come on, we’ve all thought about it, haven’t we? Those songs that sum us up so perfectly that we want to sign off with them? No?? Just me???

Some days it’s Morecombe and Wise doing “Bring Me Sunshine”, but ordinarily, it’s this:


R.E.M. – Find the River

There’s a reason it’s the swansong on their majestic, glorious, but let’s be honest, gloomy, “Automatic for the People” album: they wanted to leave us on a gorgeous upper.

Job done.

More soon.