Sunday Morning Coming Down

You’ll have to excuse me being a little brief. After last night’s Late Night Stargazing post, I found myself scurrying off to revisit some of my other Morrissey records, and then my Smiths albums, and before I knew it was waaay later than I thought and any notion of having an early night was long gone.

So I figured I’d better write this post, started to do it, and then, as what I wrote became more and more familiar, realised it was a song I’d already posted. Gah.

Instead, well…this song sprang to mind, for reasons which should be fairly self-apparent:


Faron Young – It’s Four in the Morning

Rumours that Faron’s musical career was brought to an untimely halt when he had an unfortunate “arm-hair-caught-in-guitar-strings” are completely unfounded.

More soon.

Late Night Stargazing

In October 1992, R.E.M. released “Drive”, the lead single from their “Automatic for the People” album. It has no chorus, to speak of, and I remember reading a review of it at the time, which commented on how unusual this was for a hit single.

That always struck me as a bit of a broad statement. What about Squeeze’s “Up the Junction”? Or Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”? Or Bob Dylan’s “Subterranean Homesick Blues”,? “Rapper’s Delight” by The Sugarhill Gang, even? There’s probably loads more I could come up with if I really thought about it.

Perhaps the reason this review grated was that a few months earlier, a controversial album was released which contained a gorgeous song, also devoid of a chorus. Granted, it wasn’t released as a single, but still…

The album was Morrissey’s “Your Arsenal” and I’ll talk about why it was controversial some other time.

The song was this, to my mind one of the finest songs he’s released since The Smiths split. It’s lilting, it’s absolutely beautiful, it’s not exactly cheerful, it’s perfect for posting here:


Morrissey – Seasick, Yet Still Docked

More soon.