Sunday Morning Coming Down

In The Chain last week, we had a record by Kenny Rogers suggested by Jamie, the husband of regular Chain Ganger Alyson from What’s It All About, Alfie? and it occurred to me that I hadn’t posted anything by Kenny in this section.

Time to rectify that.

Well, actually, this is Kenny before he went solo, and long before he got into owning a chain of fast food outlets, which he chose to give the rather unfortunate name “Kenny Rogers Roasters”, which sounds like a newspaper scandal waiting to happen if you ask me. See, it could’ve been a lot worse, eh, Big Sam?

“Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love To Town” is an anti-war song, telling the story of a war-wounded Vietnam vet whose partner, frustrated with his apparent inability to…erm…perform as a result of the injuries he sustained in battle, is heading out to take a new lover.

Which is a thoroughly Country way to address the issues of a war, particularly one as unpopular as the Vietnam war was.


Kenny Rogers & The First Edition – Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love To Town

More soon.


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5 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coming Down”

  1. Trivia note: Mickey Jones, the drummer for The First Edition, sat in for Levon Helm on Bob Dylan & the Band’s legendary 1966 world tour. Later he became an actor appearing as Pete Bilker, a regular character in the 1990’s TV comedy Home Improvement.
    You’ve created a monster. Even when it’s not a Chain post, I can’t switch off.

  2. Cracking song. Reminds me of Radio 2 back in the 70s/80s and Sunday lunchtimes at home with Radio Devon on. (Mum’s choice, not mine!) You’d hear Kenny Rogers at least once per sitting, usually this one or Coward Of The County.

  3. Oh the irony – On Wednesday I asked the other half what his song might be for The Chain and his thought process was as follows: Golden Earring….Jewellery….Precious stones….Rubies….. – You see where we are going here? As on his first week of partaking he also ended up down the Kenny Rogers route I banned him from submitting his entry this week as it looks as if we just sit around Alfie Towers listening to C&W music. Great song though.

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