It’s a big day for my corner of North London today: Spurs return to the Champions League for the first time since the 2010-11 season.

And, just to make the game even more special, it’s being played at Wembley since our current stadium is semi-demolished (We’re in the process of building a new stadium).

The stadium has a 90,000 capacity, but due to UEFA requirements (bloody Europe, always interfering eh?) it’s reduced to 85,000 for tonight’s match. It’s a sell out, which means it could be the largest home attendance in English club history (the record is the 84,467 who watched Manchester City’s FA Cup sixth-round tie against Stoke City at Maine Road in 1934).

I’m not going this time, but I’ll be perched nervously on the edge of my sofa watching it on TV.

Anyway, this seems appropriate:


The Candy Skins – Wembley

Fingers crossed we don’t get thrashed, eh?

More soon.


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10 thoughts on “Wembley”

  1. Badger is a Spurs Fan, he is cutting short his holiday by one day to attend tonight ‘footballing masterclass’ (his words). Worse still is that on Tuesday my beloved Gillingham take on Spurs at White Hart lane in the League Cup Third Round.

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