Which Reminds Me…

… this is the other record I was referring to in the last post.

10:43 of undeservedly forgotten inspirational early 80s rap, a history lesson if you will, produced by -and featuring – one Stevie Wonder.

Aware that I’d never encountered anyone who remembered this record, a few years ago I played it to someone who I thought might – I think it was Hel via a Friday Night playlist, but maybe not, apologies if I have besmirched your good name there – only to be met with blank looks as they had absolutely no recollection of it whatsoever.

“The Crown” went Top 10 in the UK in 1983, peaked at No. 6, and, had I thought of it at the time (i.e. just over a week ago), would have featured in last week’s Olympic Friday Night Music Club, for then I would have looked really cool and knowledgeable, even if I still can’t get my new phone to work properly.


Gary Byrd & The G.B. Experience – The Crown

More soon.

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6 thoughts on “Which Reminds Me…”

  1. I remember selling boxloads of this at a time – we couldn’t keep up with the demand. I seem to remember that there was no 7″ version, which irritated the mobile dj’s no end. Unfairly forgotten, as you say.

    1. Ah, I wondered why I couldn’t find a shorter version anywhere. Also might explain why few folks remember it: a 10+ minute single isn’t going to feature often on nostalgia charts

  2. I was going to say that I do not remember this, then I heard the backing singers singing about The Crown. And I remembered that. This song also reminds me of a Wham single.

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