Same Title, Different Song (That Summer Feeling #25)

Morning all.

Apologies for the absence of a Friday Night Music Club last night. I took ownership of a new phone on Thursday, and have spent the last couple of evenings doing all the things you do when you get a new phone: downloading all the apps you had on the old one, swearing when you can’t remember all the bloody passwords, and more importantly with this phone, trying to work out why it refuses to connect the network I use, without which it isn’t really a phone.

Anyway, time kinda overtook me last night; it’s set to be another scorcher of a weekend here, as the tabloids will inevitably call it, and so I’d planned to chuck another 10 summer songs your way, but I guess I can drip-feed you them over the weekend instead.

So, here’s two summery-sounding ditties, the second definitely more of a summer song than the first:


Rocker’s Revenge – Walking on Sunshine

More of a summery vibe than an out and out summery record, that, and no worse for it.

And a forgotten 9 and an half minutes classic, in my book (Hel: next time we DJ, we can play that before the 12 minute version of Marvin Gaye’s “Got To Give It Up” I have, and then maybe we can both make it to the loo and back).

Whenever I hear that record I’m reminded of another from the same, early-80s period, another forgotten classic (but non-summery) which may just pop up pretty soon. (By which I mean: coming soon)

Of course, it’s namesake is way more famous:


Katrina & The Waves – Walking on Sunshine

I’ve posted this before, of course, in the thread on which this blog is based, where I try to catalogue every record I ever bought, in the order that I bought them.

And, just as I did then, I’m going to post a clip from the film that inspired me to start writing this (well, it was the book actually, but y’know…), and also features that song, a themed mix-tape, John Cusack and Jack Black:

More soon.

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5 thoughts on “Same Title, Different Song (That Summer Feeling #25)”

  1. I was a latecomer to the whole android phone thing, making do with a nine year old old brick that did nothing but text until it finally died on me last year. I bagged myself an all-singing, all-dancing Sony beast and, with Mrs S’s guidance, loaded apps and decided on all of my settings. I warmed to the new (to me) technology very quickly and within a couple of weeks it was as if I’d had it for years. Then something unexpected happened. The phone rang – and I hadn’t got a bloody clue how to answer it!
    Hope you get your connection sorted.

    1. I was very much the same, putting myself firmly in the “Why would I want to be able to be contacted 24/7 anyway?” camp. Which makes my current frustration all the more ironic…

    2. Reassuring to see that the inability to work out how to answer an Android phone isn’t just limited to me. It’s usually Mrs. Gog or the junior Gogs calling – they then ring me on my work-issue Blackberry, which I am confident in using!

  2. The Katrina song was out when I was a DJ on student radio. I hit up on the “hilarious” wheeze of slowing the song down to I think 37rpm, and telling everyone that this was the original version from long-forgotten 60s act, Jackie Washington And The Windmills. With AM reception and no Internet to verify this, people were taken in, amazingly. Sadly I no longer seem to have the recording that I made of the “original”.

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