Sunday Morning Coming Down

The other day (Friday, to be precise), over at his constantly wonderful place, Charity Chic posted a couple of tunes by George Jones, and made reference to today’s song, how he’d posted it before, and how he’d refrain from doing so again for fear of repetition.

Well, I haven’t posted it before, but I’m gonna.

However, I’m plumping for the version I’m more familiar with, the one by The Statler Brothers. My father had a copy of their “Innerview” album on vinyl when I was a kid, probably now gone to the great car boot sale in the sky, and for me this was the stand out track. I didn’t find out it’s a George Jones cover until many years later:


The Statler Brothers – She Thinks I Still Care

For me, “She Thinks….” is your archetypal country record: mournful, stubborn, regretful, spurned. When people say country music is the white man’s blues, it’s this kind of record they’re talking about.

More soon.

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coming Down”

  1. I’m going to have agree with CC there, a good version but no sane person is going to say it’s better than No-Show Jones’ original

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