Sunday Morning Coming Down

The other day (Friday, to be precise), over at his constantly wonderful place, Charity Chic posted a couple of tunes by George Jones, and made reference to today’s song, how he’d posted it before, and how he’d refrain from doing so again for fear of repetition.

Well, I haven’t posted it before, but I’m gonna.

However, I’m plumping for the version I’m more familiar with, the one by The Statler Brothers. My father had a copy of their “Innerview” album on vinyl when I was a kid, probably now gone to the great car boot sale in the sky, and for me this was the stand out track. I didn’t find out it’s a George Jones cover until many years later:


The Statler Brothers – She Thinks I Still Care

For me, “She Thinks….” is your archetypal country record: mournful, stubborn, regretful, spurned. When people say country music is the white man’s blues, it’s this kind of record they’re talking about.

More soon.

Late Night Stargazing

Tonight, one of my favourite songs ever.

About 10 years ago, this song suddenly kept popping up in unexpected places.

In those days, I was a great fan of Mary Anne Hobbs’ late night Radio 1 show, “Breezeblock” and this had cropped up in DJ Downfall’s incredible mix (which if anyone owns a copy of, I’d be eternally grateful…)

On top of that, my friends Mark and Llyr got a gig DJ’ing in a pub in Cardiff, and on their opening night one of them dropped this, to my unexpected joy, as I could now ask them what the hell it was.

It was this:


The Postal Service – Such Great Heights


More soon.